Strategies to win Jackpot at Bingo

One strategy or a single move by you can attract jackpot toward you, isn’t it? You know this, but what is that move and how can you grab the jackpot, we will tell you but with special reference to bingo. There are certain tips and tricks that you can use to win jackpot at bingo with JackpotJoy. But before telling you about these tips and tricks, it is essential that you know there is no hard and fast rule of winning in gambling and luck is the key factor involved in it.

Play many cards at one time

One of the strategies that you can use to win jackpot at bingo is by playing many cards at a single time. More the number of cards you dab, more the number of chances you will have to win jackpot in bingo. Therefore the tip is simple but quite hard to implement. Nevertheless, it is the fact that a frequent jackpot winner in bingo will be the one who is dabbing more cards at a time.

Counting Numbers

Now this is something technical and requires brain work. You need to do your homework before you start playing bingo. Actually, it is more like a “class work.” Counting numbers involved complexity since you need to find out the predictability. First thing is that you need to be aware about mathematical probability system.

By calculating the probability and counting numbers that appear maximum number of times, you can also analyze your chances of winning the jackpot in bingo. As mentioned, this process is complex but effective to a great extent. So if mathematics is something you thought had only to be done till school or college, then you are mistaken because probability is the chapter that plays its role even in the game of bingo.

The Tippett Theory

Another strategy that can help you hold on the jackpot in bingo involves a complex theory called The Tippett Theory invented by L. H. C. Tippett, a British statistician.

According to this theory most of the bingo numbers called will be the median number which is 38. Hence, in case you are interested in playing short game while also selecting your cards, you can select the numbers which are near 1 and 78. But, if you are playing longer games, then you should choose the cards which have numbers near to 38. But again the point is how would you know which game is small and which one is longer? Usually the patterns like four corners, U or S take a longer time to win in comparison to simple bingo with diagonal lines winning.

Though The Tippett Theory can be experimented with but no statics have established its success, which means this is yet again a trick that you can just try for yourself and check!

With the help of these strategies, you can probably get close to the jackpot in bingo but the prime factor is your luck, as we have told you initially!