4 Types of Games You Can Play Online


When it comes to online gaming, there is nothing like playing esports or a casino-type game to get the adrenalin pumping. With esports, you can imagine that you are playing an actual sport or in combat with a real person. In a virtual casino, there is a realistic chance of winning some money. If you are looking to play games with purpose as well as excitement, then there is nothing to beat either of these types of games. So, in this article, we shall explore four popular games that are played online. If you are looking for a gaming provider, then why not check out VamosGG.


Esports can be described as a type of competition that is taken part in through video games. This type of game has the advantage of being able to be played by multiple players, or competitors. The games can be played between individuals or teams, and even among professional players. So, if you relish the excitement of competing with others at different levels, then esports is the online activity for you. The most popular esports include League of Legends, Global Offensive, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. There are many more to find, though. So, have as much fun seeking them out as playing them.


If you are looking for a card game that is fast-paced and quick to learn, then blackjack is the online casino game for you. Apart from video poker, blackjack is one of the only games in online casinos where your decisions matter. It is less about chance and more about mental stimulation.

As we all desire to be 21 again, this is the perfect score in blackjack, too. The idea is to achieve 21 or less without busting. So, the perfect way to achieve this is to have a king and an ace in your hand. The decision a player makes is whether to twist or stick with the cards that they have in the hope that they will fare better than the dealer with their hand. The game can be played with all the excitement of playing inside an actual casino only in the comfort of your own home.


You can win real money with online slot games. There are free-to-play modes, but there is nothing like the chance to win money that you can then spend on other online games or other activities that you spend the rest of your spare time enjoying. They recreate the traditional machines in amusement arcades, often historically referred to as one-armed bandits.

It is almost therapeutic watching the fruits or other symbols spin around and wondering where they will land. It is pleasing to see things match up and thrilling to win from such a combination. Few things can result in the same levels of adrenalin that you will experience with this game, and other ones to be found in virtual casinos.

On average, a typical slot machine will have three spinning wheels containing 20 symbols, So, if we multiply that out to 20 x 20 x 20, then we would have a one in 8,000 chance of hitting the jackpot. This is much better odds than any major lottery, and there are other prizes to be won along the way as a result of different fruits, such as cherries and lemons, lining up.


Roulette is very much a game of chance. It is all about how much that you are prepared to risk on your chosen number or numbers, the number being odd or even, or on whether the colour is black or red.

Played virtually, you still get the realistic sound of the wheel and the visual suspense of wondering what number the ball inside the roulette wheel will land on. You can play alone or with friends all watching around the computer or television screen at home, depending on your set-up. The casino is brought to life with online gaming and it is an experience that you can share will others for the ultimate social occasion.

For some interesting facts on roulette, it is the third most popular casino game. The numbers on its wheel add up to 666 but it is devilishly easy to play. It comes from the French word for “small wheel”, yet you can win big.

In conclusion, the odds are that you will now want to try one or more of these virtual games for yourself. Apart from the entertainment value, there will be chances to win in lots of ways. So, why not make them a regular evening or weekend activity.

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