4 Ways to Make Bingo Manlier


According to UK Bingo.net there are over 100 million bingo players worldwide, however 80% of these are female. Have you ever considered why only 20% of males are actively playing bingo?

The game of bingo is very female-focused, with the majority of marketing specifically targeted at women. Think about it – how many bingo TV adverts feature groups of women going to have a drink and a natter whilst playing some lines with their friends? With online bingo the chat facility is still there; meaning this also remains female-focused.

Simon Jones, who rebranded and relaunched WhichBingo, believes the female-heavy advertising used by major bingo sites is deterring men from playing: “All these pink websites, and TV ads with women shouting bingo at their laptops while the husband goes out to work are hardly going to change anyone’s opinion on who online bingo is really for. Plus, in daytime TV there are lots of programmes sponsored by bingo sites, and these all tend to be female-oriented shows such as Loose Women and Home and Away”.

It’s time that the world of bingo became more inclusive for men. Whether you prefer playing bingo online or at a hall, here are four ways bingo can be made manlier.

Play with a Beer 

Bingo is a very sociable game; meaning its’s designed to be played with a drink in one hand and a stamp pen in the other. Most halls and social clubs have bars, so it’s easy to get a nice cold beer while you’re playing, and the staff will often bring you a fresh one if you run out in the middle of a game.

If you’re with a large group of friends you could even turn it into a competition, for example whoever gets the fewest numbers in a round has to get the drinks in.  Don’t fancy going to a hall? Then why not create your own booze bingo sheets out of your favourite beers? Alternatively, you could simply kick back with a few beers at home and play online.

Watch a Game of Football

It’s become evident that many bingo halls and websites are still failing to target male players. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own manly touches.

If you’re a fan of football, then why not watch a game while you play? Most bingo halls and social clubs have TV screens, so you could request to have the channel switched over. Or, you could watch a game on your phone/tablet with your headphones on a low volume – you wouldn’t want to miss your numbers being called out after all!

Lift Weights

Let’s face it, men love lifting weights, so why not incorporate this into your next bingo game?

Before you hit the bingo hall, you could visit the gym or have a workout at home if you’re playing online. Another solution would be to involve your workout buddy into creating ‘weight lift bingo’. Here, your workout buddy could be the bingo caller and call out different weights varying from light to heavy, and you have to lift whatever is called.

Swear Bingo

Men love to swear – whether they’re watching a game of football or are simply down the local with their friends. Why not make a game of swear bingo? Remember, this might not go down well at a bingo hall as some players take the game very seriously, so it might be best played at a pub.

Mark out your bingo cards with a variety of swearwords, if you hear someone use a word you have on your card then you can mark it off. Whoever gets their swearwords crossed off the fastest wins the game.


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