5 habits that can change your game completely


Rummy is a game of tact and presence of mind. It also requires practice and consistently smart gameplay in order to win it. In rummy, you are not just playing against your opponents but also playing against yourself. Those who are able to fully control their own actions and emotions are also those who succeed at rummy more than others.

If you want to change the way you play the game, read on to find out about the best habits to be better at playing rummy.


One of the top reasons why people lose any skill and luck based game is because of poor discipline. As in any other sphere of life with high stakes, in rummy, it is very important to be disciplined. One must know when to play and when to stop. For example, do not play rummy when you are not feeling your best. Do not play when you have just lost many games back to back. Appreciate the fact that you cannot win every time and that losing is a part of the game. Do not become too complacent after you’ve won a game or two. In the Game of Rummy, fortunes can change with every new hand that gets dealt. Keeping this in mind will help you stay on top of your game.


When you are playing the game, give it the attention it deserves. Not focussing on the game can really take even a winnable game away. Some of the things to avoid doing so that you can pay all of your attention to the game are really obvious. For example, do not play high stakes rummy while simultaneously watching television. Avoid playing rummy when you’re extremely tired and sleepy. Do not play when there are other urgent things to do as that will keep diverting your mind from the game. Always try and play in a quiet place when you have enough free time at hand. Do not let anything disturb you.


We have explained in other articles about the importance of observing your opponent’s gameplay and demeanour during the game. Your opponent, no matter how experienced, will always give away critical clues to how his hand is setting up through subtle, non-verbal cues. Keeping a close eye on the opponents will help you guess a lot of things that could help you understand his state of mind.

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Being patient and waiting for the right time to declare a show of hands is one of the most important aspects of the game of rummy. It’s not enough to just sequences and sets, it is also important to drop the high cards so that your net score is not affected negatively. Too often, players do not realise this and end up making a silly mistake that helps the opponent beat them on points. It is better to be patient and wait for a better set up than to try and win quickly.


Finally, since nothing can work well if you are not confident, make sure you have the right attitude towards the game and do not fall in the trap of thinking the other person is too good for you. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. Not losing your confidence will ensure you in the game till it’s over.

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