5 Of The Best House of Fun Slot Game Bonuses We’ve Ever Seen


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Who Doesn’t Love a Freebie?

Every pokie lover worth his salt knows that in the world of slot games, the main game is practically irrelevant – the bonus sequences are where the biggest wins and best bragging rights are to be earned. When the social casino app boom started, good bonus sequences were few and far between and games were replete with annoying pop-up ads pushing overpriced credit packages at you. Thankfully, that’s changed. You no longer have to fork out cash to beat games that don’t even pay out real money! Here are five games from the popular House of Fun social casino app that are will bring in the wins in no time at all.

  1. 3 Tigers

Running with a game design that’s proven incredibly popular in recent years, 3 Tigers allows you to take incremental steps towards a big fat jackpot with its “tiger eyes” system. You can collect Tiger Eyes over the course of a session by winning often, landing rare symbols or even just plain dumb luck, and if you manage to collect 20, you’ve got it made! The bonus sequence is a great opportunity to flex your creative thinking muscles too, with six different free spin/bet multiplier combos to suit any strategy. Up to 20 free spins await the lucky pokie lover.

  1. Wild Chili

The bonus system in Wild Chili seems heavily geared towards free spins rather than bet multipliers – which suits us just fine, seeing as the progressive jackpot system means jackpots keep getting bigger the longer you play. Skilled players have been known to ride out a session almost entirely on free spins. That’s something worth boasting to your friends about on the House of Fun mobile casino app!

  1. Mystic Bear

If you ask us, the only downside to bonus rounds is that they don’t last long enough. Mystic Bear solves that problem with not one, but two bonus round retriggers. They operate randomly, so if you’re feeling lucky, try out this House of Fun mobile pokie and see if you can get that bonus sequence going again and again.

  1. Vampire’s Kiss

Adventurous pokie lovers can really sink their teeth (sorry, we couldn’t resist) into this brand-new release on the House of Fun pokie app. The slick graphics are matched by a dynamic bonus round with a ton of interactive options presenting thinking players with some difficult choices.

  1. Golden Sirens

House of Fun is one of those social casino apps changing their game selection all the time, so play this one before it’s gone. It’s fantastic for credit mining. If you successfully ignore all the seductive sirens that appear over the course of a session, the bonus sequence invites you to choose from a variety of harps that offer generous bet multipliers. We hear the golden one frequently gives the maximum 10x multiplier – let us know if the rumours’s true!

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