7 Things Every Good Rummy Player Will Tell You About Life


If you are a philosopher, you will know that a comparison can be drawn between anything and life. As rummy players, we would like to present you the most interesting comparisons between rummy card game and life. Read along and amuse yourself with this interesting analogy:

You Need to Lose Before You Learn to Win

Expertise is more the result of experience than skill. A good player is a result of many silly mistakes in rummy from which he learns to do better. This rule is the same with life too. If you wish to have a good and happy life, you must first experience a lot of hurdles and obstacles. The bad days in life teach you what mistakes you should strictly avoid. Be it Indian rummy online games or real life, you win only when you lose a few times.

Every Lifeline is a Double-edged Sword

We know that every opportunity we come across in life has its pros and cons. This is the same with rummy games too. A simple example to explain this fact is the joker in rummy card games. The joker is used in rummy patti game to complete a sequence or a set. The card is an excellent lifeline for all those who have completed their natural sequence. Yet, if you stock too many jokers in your hand, you may not get an opportunity to complete your natural sequence. So, isn’t there a clear comparison between lifelines for life and jokers for rummy?

Every Good Player Has Some Weakness

We have often come across the most intelligent people make the silliest mistakes. We have seen people with great deal of experience in a business get carried away by frauds. Rummy is no different. Even the best players in rummy games can end up making the silliest mistakes. The reason for this is that we are all humans and can make errors in judgement, be it life or a simple game of rummy.

You Cannot Win Unless You Take Chances

We are all scared of taking risks. We know many who try to play safe in life. Yet, the fact remains that you need to take a chance to win. This rule does not change in rummy either. While you have an option to quit the game by opting for a first drop or a second drop, it makes you lose a chance to play as well. Taking chances is necessary in realm life as well as in rummy.

Even the Best Player May Lose

When bad times come, everyone tells us that this is a passing phase. Everyone goes through such phases in life. Luck plays a role in life as well as in card games. That is why you can never say that if you lose a game, you lack the necessary skills. A good player never gets disheartened so easily. He will try to understand why he lost the game. If it is sheer bad luck, he will still continue to play the game.

Life and Rummy Are Constant Learning Processes

A good learner will do well in life and in rummy. As you play online real cash winning games of rummy, you come across many new tricks and tactics that you can apply. You understand how the game can be played well with your wisdom and skills. This makes you a better player in your favourite game.

In life too, experiences are of much importance. As we experience new things in life, we learn from them. This makes us evolve and become better individuals.

You Have to Pay Heavily for Overconfidence

While knowledge is good, and confidence is necessary, overconfidence is dangerous in life as well as rummy. A person who is overconfident ends up making the most foolish mistakes. You have to pay heavily for your overconfidence in life as well as in rummy. A wise person will always stay level headed and know not to boast of his skills and abilities.

Rummy and life are quite the same. If you want to win money playing games, you must first revise some important rules governing life. It will help you do better in the game.

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