A Changing Landscape for Sporting Events


The next few years will see many of the big broadcasting deals that tie many traditional sporting events to certain channels that are behind paywalls or subscription services that have served as a barrier to many viewers who wouldn’t like to jump through the hoops just to watch a few games per year, this expiration of deals may lead to an opportunity in traditional sporting events jumping to newer platforms that offer more options for the viewer – this changing landscape for sports certainly has a great blueprint to follow as the success of esports through livestreaming have shown that great broadcasting and interaction are greatly increased through livestreaming platforms, and could certainly be the way forward for traditional sporting.

Image result for sports streaming(Image from digitbin.com)

Similar success has been found through esports growing sporting titles such as FIFA as it brings familiarity to those who haven’t spectated esports before and are looking to find something familiar to watch, with other markets which can be found here at epsortsbetting.site for example it further provides a known experience – given virtual versions of popular games can already be seen to grow in popularity in the way they have, there’s little reason that traditional sporting can’t do the same – but it does bring in to question one big reason many may stick with other broadcasting options, money.

Many teams receive a direct stipend through the  broadcasting deals that have been signed which can often reach into the tens of millions per year simply for allowing broadcasting at their owns stadiums, with livestreamed events or even a change to video on demand its unlikely that this source of cash flow can continue as it would be more probably to see a one-time deal signed – some, such as Rugby, have already had a rather successful move over to Amazon Prime for example, but that may not a viable option for the much bigger names in the likes of football. If they’ve come to rely on the huge cash flow that comes through broadcasting, making any adjustment now may be much harder to do.

Some may have little choice too, however, as cable cutting becomes more common and users are looking for more online services to offer their day to day needs, it becomes less likely that newer users will register to these services behind a paywall just for sport when it can easily be found online, a move to online will be almost inevitable for some, and the question will largely be around where the games can be found, rather than on which platform.

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