A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Deuces Wild Video Poker


Online Gaming is one of the most taken names in the field of the gaming field. The gaming experience, like no other, online gaming’s thrill of winning more, is prominent nowadays. Online Gaming Market is growing ever since the day it was introduced. The user gets a predefined structure of playing a real-life experience of a gaming base.

According to research done by WealthWords, 68% of smartphone users support the usage of online gaming. China is the greatest video game market that generated more than $27 billion in the past year. The need to provide the best and fastest way to the users playing online has created a gaming community of safe and sound platform for player profits, and that is why we have brought the new poker game named Deuces Wild Video Poker.

What Is Deuces Wild Video Poker?

Deuce Wild is one of the most played Video Poker games today, which coincides with the historical game of poker played with a Normal deck of 52 cards. But here’s the catch. Here, 2s or deuces are tagged as ‘Wild.’

These 2s in your hand can substitute any other card from the 52 cards and increase your chances of winning. One more bullet that will intrigue you in the Deuce Wild Video Poker game is that the pay table is tight handed as compared to other poker games such as Jacks or Better and Aces and Eights.

Learning the Game of Deuces

Deuce Wild Video Poker game is played the same as any other online betting game. In order to learn how to play deuces, you need to follow the instructions below-

The first stage deals with the computer dealing with a set of 5 cards to the player from the deck. The player can discard any of the 5 cards he/she gets. He can even discard all the 5 cards and request another set of 5 cards. The game is based on the type of cards the player gets.

The type of card they get directly coincides with the amount they win or lose. The players can choose anytime when they want to play themselves out. There are both standard and high payout hands present in the game. Always read the payout scheme of the corresponding round you wish to play.

List of Various Hands of Deuces Wild.

There are major 9 types of hands in the Poker game of Deuces Wild. Here, we have collected and explained a brief introduction about each hand going down according to the decreasing order of their payouts.

  1. Royal Flush.

The name itself suggests it. Royal Flush gets in your hand when you get all the 5 cards of the same suit, ranging cards from Ace to Ten. No suit matters the most. A Royal Flush of Hearts is the same as that of the Royal Flush of Spades.

But the way you go to the Royal Flush can make differences. Suppose that one of the 5 cards you got in the first place is a wild card, then you have to expect a lower payout as compared to raw Royal Flush. Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of any of the 4 suits is a case of Royal Flush.

  1. Four Deuces.

Here, 4 cards have to be of the same suit with one other irrelevant card of another suit. Always remember that Deuces have the highest value than any other card in Deuces Wild, the level of superiority of hand with Four Deuces is much more than any other group of 4 cards of the same kind.

And the most important part is the 5th irrelevant card, which will have the opportunity to either make you rich or take your pick. For example, 2 of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, 2 of Spades, 2 of Clubs, and Jack of Clubs is superior to the initial four being the same but with 5 of Clubs.

  1.  Five of A Kind.

Here the property of replacing a card from the 5 sets of cards work. You will be having four cards of one kind and last card of a separate kind, then try replacing the last card with another of the same kind to get this hand.

  1. Straight Flush.

Five Cards of the same suit in serial order is said to be a Straight Flush Hand. But it is a separate hand from Royal Flush.

  1. Four of A Kind.

As you observed in ‘Five of A Kind’ Hand, here, you must have four cards belonging to all of the different suits with one irrelevant card. But the condition is that the four cards have to be identical rank. 8 of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and a 5 of Heart is a ‘Four Of A Kind’ Hand. Here, the superiority is characterized by the rank of the four same cards.

  1. Full House.

Also known as Full Boat, a Full House hand deals with three cards of the same rank added two cards of different ranks. Here, the superiority is characterized by the rank of the three same cards. 7 of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs with 5 of Hearts is superior to 6 of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs with 5 of Hearts.

  1. Flush.

It is below Full House but above Straight Hand. Flush Hand is when you get all Five Cards of the same suit but with an unordered arrangement.

  1. Straight.

It is the hand procured when you get a sequential order of the rank of cards all belonging to the different suits. The hand is named by the rank of the highest card attained by you. It will be a King-high straight hand if the highest rank is a King.

  1. Three of A Kind.

Three of A Kind hand is that hand when the player gets three cards of different suits but of the same rank with two remaining cards of any type.

Rules of Deuces Wild

The game starts with the number of players obtaining the coin for the bet. The initial bet is placed up, and a choice of either change of a card, raising of the pre-defined bet, and the payout is presented. You can go with any of the above three steps at this stage. If you want to change, you can change any number of cards.

One main purpose of Deuces Wild is that you get to complete any of the hand with one deuce. Five of a kind is much easier to get than three of a kind or four of a kind. This is due to the presence of the wild card.

Payout Schemes. (*One coin is equivalent as $1.)

  • Royal Flush gets you 250 Coins but without the wild card.
  • Four Deuces gets you 200 Coins.
  • Royal Flush but without wild card wins 25 Coins.
  • Five of A Kind gets you 15 Coins.
  • Straight Flush gets you 9.
  • Four of A Kind gets you 5.
  • Full House wins 3.
  • Flush wins 2.
  • Straight wins 2.
  • Three of A Kind gets you 1 coin on each bet.

An Overview

Deuces Wild Poker Game is a lucrative game. An easy to understand the game that, with proper bets, can get you some hard cash. Present on both online casinos like Bspin and other casinos. If you play it attentively, Deuces Wild can get some advantage in the long run in a short period.

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