Avoidable Bets for Online Casino Players


Online casino is known as the game through which you can generate real money and can cut off your expenses. This is the real time game which makes you passionate and will make you indulge in earning money. Bets are the most important part of the online casino and if you are able to place the bets perfectly then you can win the game as well. Let’s have a look at the casino bets you should avoid:

  1. KENO BET:

Keno is a judi online which is good to have rewards but this game is quite risky. The reward level of the game is low which is not worth playing for the people who are beginners and who are still learning to play online casino. Place your bet where you can get equal rewards and where you can play in a relaxing environment by knowing that risk level is low in this game.


Rolled bets are the worst thing to try when you have the limited amount in your pocket. There are high chances that rolled bets will turn out to be the loss for you than the profit. There are low chances that you will get all the same on the belt and that are why maximum possibilities are that you are going to lose the game as well as your bet. Don’t go for the games which are not in your favor.


This should be in your avoid bets list because the outcome will be 30% of the bet and people who are playing online casino for many years should know that this is the riskiest bet one can place. This bet means you can lose everything and there are once in a blue moon chance that you will win this bet. The insurance bet is one of the risk and avoidable bets.


You should not place the maximum bet like if you have 100$ in your pocket then you are placing all 100$ in your game. Keep some amount in your pocket so you can use it for the next time or for the next game where you can win it. The maximum bet is the foolish way to win because if you will lose then it means you have lost it all and if you win by any chance then you will win the double amount of it. It’s great to win slowly then to win at once by risking all.

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