Best Bookies for Online Betting in Malaysia


Online gambling is a new way to enjoy the casino experience without having to leave the house. As the industry grows, online betting can only get more widespread and versatile. This is definitely good news to the average gambler.  For online betting Malaysia, you have to be careful since gambling in the country is considered illegal. To enjoy betting you have to get an international bookie registered out of the country.

Foreign bookies here can broadly be classified into two

  • Asian Bookie
  • European Bookie
    1. Asian Bookies

These are bookies licensed in the Philippines. Since gambling is legal in the Philippines, the sites are safe to use for the non-Muslim population in Malaysia. Most, if not all, of these bookies, operate in multiple languages and offer multiple currencies including the Malaysian Ringgit.

Most of the Philippine registered bookies specialize in soccer. However, you may find some that also have odds for other sports such as tennis and basketball just to mention but a few.

Bodog88 ranks among the best of the Philippines registered sites and for a good reason too. The bookie has a variety of bank accounts in Malaysia where you can easily deposit your bet money and cash out your winnings. Here, you also find information on some of the best sites where you can confidently bet and be guaranteed of getting your winnings in case you win.

    1. European Bookies

As the name suggests, these are bookers registered in Europe. For someone in Malaysia, depositing money into such bookies is not as easy unless you have an e-wallet. Fortunately, the process of applying for an e-wallet is quite straightforward. Reputable e-wallets such as NETELLER function much like a regular bank only that in this case, the bank is gambling friendly.

For most of the European bookies, you have to register your account currency in us dollars. This means that to make a deposit, you have to wire the money in US dollars or find a Company that can fund your account.


  • Which is best?


Asian betting sites are much easier to use when you are in Malaysia. That said the European sites stand out in a few areas. For example, some European sites offer attractive odds for big games. Other big brands also support the Malaysian currency aside from making it possible for users to watch games live on their websites. Other sites also offer in-play betting.

All things considered, the European sites offer more than their Asian counterparts. This is perhaps because most of the European sites are well established and have been there for more years. The European sites also offer more odds in different games making them the ideal choice for gamblers looking to enjoy more than just soccer.

It is up to you to decide which bookie is best. As a start, you can start with the easy to use Asian sites. After you have learnt the ropes and familiarized yourself with the dos and don’ts in online betting you can then venture into the more advanced and exciting European sites.


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