Best New Casinos In 2020


Finding an appropriate site is not a trouble-free task; despite strict rules and regulations imposed by Gambling commission to safeguard the safety and security of players, you can fall prey to dubious sites. Hundreds and thousands of new casinos are launched every month; it is not easy to find the certified operators among them. In comparison sites, you will find detail about them who provide high-quality entertainment. Their expert team makes profound research on them, explores every new casino web site, and provides you the essential, new, and exciting information about them. The gaming industry is well regulated in 2020; they consider a number of factors while reviewing a new casino. The crucial factors are; dependability of the site, excellent customer support, competitive wagering requirement, a wide variety of game collection, and payment method.

Current trend

You do not need to be an expert in the casino industry, the whole world of gaming is going through gamification, and this no exception for new casino sites. The immense popularity of Candy crush opened new doors of gamified and freestyle games. New sites at casinoDB provide information about new casino bonuses and games. The free games are launched to attract new players, to present enough fun and user experience and tender them a sense of achievement. This marketing strategy has been immeasurably successful in building a base of loyal customers who are willing to spend real money to reach the next level or to engage in a paid version of the game.

Gamification casinos

Gamification is the new trend in online casinos, where instead of offering loyalty or VIP points, players are given medals, badges, seeds, coins, and other rewards. 

These can be traded at a later stage. This trend was started by Casumo and Kaboo and later followed by many. One latest game is based on an adventure on an island; in another, you can create your own characters in a fantasy land using your credits acquired while gambling. This trend appeals greatly to the younger generation. New casino sites are embracing this theme, and older ones are evolving to implement it. It is a concept using gaming features to encourage the participation of players like in video games. This feature immediately attracts the players` attention.

New slot machines

Modern online casinos offer various slot machines, which comes in different shape and size and offer you great fun and excitement. Even a few years ago, the UK market was not interested in online slots, but the table has turned, and the current trend is gaining strength from day to day. Best new casinos in 2020 are providing endless choices over the casino games. The new casino sites are more users friendly with futuristic themes, with great graphic and sound effect, quite a scene to behold. Most of the sites are regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, making it safe and secure; you can enjoy gambling without anxiety and worry. You can transfer your fund using debit or credit card or third party systems like PayPal and Google pay.

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