Betting on opposite outcomes


Let’s say you predicted the victory of the first team, but a key performer was injured during the pre-match warm-up. Now the passage of the bet is in question. To reduce losses, bet on the second team to win.

Sometimes you can insure yourself with 토토 사이트 live bets, or even catch the “surebets” and get a guaranteed profit.

Do not bet on markets with multiple outcomes. Determining the correct result out of three possible outcomes is problematic, not to mention the exact score, etc. Avoid adventurous bets and always come to a simple and obvious option. When betting on an outcome, try not to choose between 1-X-2 markets, but between 1X-2, 1-X2, or 12-X.

Play handicaps

Place 은꼴 handicap bets. If you often bet on underdogs, then take not a net win, but a positive head start. So you will additionally hedge and reduce the bookmaker’s margin.

Play at legal bookmakers as they value their reputation. Prohibited bookmakers will be blocked by Roskomnadzor and disappear along with your funds, or they will come up with hundreds of reasons to refuse to pay out a large win.

Give up express bets. The probability of passing an express train is incomparable with the risk of losing it. Remember that not only the odds are multiplied, but also the risks.

Useful tips for beginners

First of all, determine for what purpose you are betting: hobby, interest or earnings. Then, check out the secrets of sports betting to avoid common beginner mistakes.

  • Set up a game bank, the money you are willing to set aside for bets. Limit the size of your trades so you don’t go bankrupt instantly. 3-5% of the bank is recommended.
  • In betting there is no word for sure. You cannot be one hundred percent sure of the result, even if it is an outcome with odds of 1.05. Sports sensations happen regularly. Even champions lose to outspoken outsiders. Do not play quotes below 1.35 and above 2.5. In addition to high margins in these markets, in the first case, the bank will slowly grow or disappear altogether, since you will have to give 6-8 predictions in a row in order to win back the lost bet at a meager coefficient. And in the second case, the excessively high risk is unjustified.
  • Any bettor, including professionals, has positive and negative streaks. During such periods, you need to be able to stop in time. With unsuccessful bets, it is clear that it is better to stop gambling, because under the influence of emotions and excitement, the following transactions cannot be made with a clear head. When every bet comes in, it is important to understand that this is not permanent.

Any series, be it positive or negative, will definitely end. Don’t think that today is your day. If 5 bets are played, it does not mean that the next ones will also pass.


Treat rates like work. Stay up to date with the sporting events you are betting on. Develop and analyze unsuccessful trades regularly. Never forget that bet-free life still exists. This is just a way to make money or have fun.

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