Betting Tactics That Come Useful in Long term Tactics


In the next article, we bring you a brief look at the betting odds that you may encounter in the world of betting. If you thought there were only decimal rates, you were wrong. There are many more and each of them has its own specifics.

The basis is the probability factor

Betting odds are also an integral part of betting on sports matches. You will find several thousand of them in the offer of bookmakers every day , and the more you add them to your ticket, the higher your possible win. We use mainly decimal courses, which almost everyone has already encountered. They arise on the basis of probability, which is crucial in this regard.

The principle is very simple

Divide the number 100 by the probability of winning a particular team or draw and get the betting odds.If we take the competition lottery, where 80 balls are drawn, the chances of drawing each number are the same. Mathematically, the chance or probability of one number is 1.25%, which is 80 in terms of decimal odds. The more balls drawn, the probability of drawing your number increases and the odds decrease. In sports matches,situs online juditerbaik bookmakers take into account all the necessary details about the meeting and determine the odds themselves based on probability. Usually, the odds are set so that the bookmaker does not suffer. Sometimes, however, bookmakers have different odds, which are used by lovers of Surebets tactics.

Fractional courses have their charm

As we mentioned, decimal rates are the most popular. They are clear and very easy to handle. They simply multiply each other until you get the final rate, which you multiply by your deposit. Slightly more typical are the so-called fractional courses, which are used mainly in the United Kingdom. They are also called British and are especially popular in horse racing. You’ve probably come across 3: 1 odds (“three to one”) and the like. Beware, this fraction is not the same as the decimal rate of 3.00, as many of you would think. Fractional bets only represent the net profit relative to the stake.

The principle of calculation is again simple

Divide the numerator by the denominator and add the number 1. In our case (3: 1) the fraction is equal to the decimal rate 4.00. We will be convinced of that by a test of accuracy. If you bet on the odds of 4.00 for 1 euro, you would win exactly 3 euros in net, which is the value of the fractional odds.

Another region, another morality

American courses are also extremely interesting. They are the only ones that contain negative courses and very often manipulate the amount of $ 100.

For example, a -150 rate means how much money you need to bet just to get your net $ 100. Conversely, the +200 plus rate shows you how much you can get if you bet for $ 100.In our latitudes, this style of betting is practically not used at all, and therefore it may seem complicated to us. It is often used especially for online betting.


They also have different betting odds on the Asian continent: Malay, Indonesian or Hong Kong. These are derived from the most popular courses and have virtually the same basis. In everyday life, however, you will not encounter them at all, unless you want to bet on F1 races directly on the circuit in Sepang, Malaysia.

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