Bitcoin gaming vs Traditional Gaming


With the rise of bitcoin and the popularity ofinvesting in the cryptocurrency it is no surprise to see that bitcoin-based casino are beginning to show up all over the place and what is even less surprising is that many people are saying that because of the bitcoin casino’s traditional online casinos and gaming sites are beginning to take a massive blow to the number of players who are playing on these websites.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which falls under what is known as crypto-currency because once a user has paid a person then money or currency is gone and there is no way for any bank or federal institute to track the money.

One of the key reasons why many people want to make use of bitcoin is because it is decentralized meaning that no bank can control any form of bitcoin.

How does this affect online gaming?

Thanks to bitcoin not being controlled by banks there are no such things as bank fees when users transfer bitcoin or even when then purchase coins on the bitcoin casinos or when they cash out.

This means that for players who prefer to spend their time online instead of playing within the land-based casinos, playing with bitcoins is the perfect way to save money on bank charges and there will never be a paper trail leading to the player if they are ever worried about that sort of thing.

One of the other major reasons why so many people want to play and try and make a quick earning while using bitcoins is thanks to the massive price tag that bitcoins are currently worth, $9900 per coin.

After reading the above it should slowly start to make sense of why many people are choosing to forgo traditional gaming sites to try their hands are bitcoin-based gaming site.

When you take a look at the pros and cons of bitcoin vs traditional gaming sites you will slowly begin to see how stacked traditional casinos really are. To add another nail to the coffin, it is a known fact that all bitcoin casinos and gaming sites have better odds for players as the house stack is drastically lowered.

How is that possible?

When you hear that the odds of players have been increased and the house stack is lower, your first response should be to ask how that can be possible.

For many years we have been lead to believe that casinos will always try to give players the best chance when playing, however, that has always been a massive misconception and the casinos have never had the players’ chances in their thought.

With the news that bitcoin-based casinos having dropped those stacks against players and increased the players odds at winning has caused a great bit of speculation at how these casinos where able to do that, and in truth it makes sense why the odds are better because as mentioned before there are no bank charges when you make use of bitcoin, thus making it cheaper to play with.

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