Casino Online -Seamless Gambling Experience in Streaming Videos


The journey of casino online gambling started from the year 1994, as legislation of Free trade and processing zone act was passed by the government of Antigua Barbuda.  This law allowed giving license to any person or entity who wants to start an online casino. In spite of the law, there was no prevailing software to start and run an internet-based casino. Micro gaming came up with requisite software, which was followed by Cryptologic and later by many others. The software was at an early stage and not commercially viable, as it advanced first internet-based casino appeared in the year 1996. From 1996 to 1998, the industry witnessed a boom for several factors.

Some factors

Information technology advanced in leaps and bounds, and the internet was available throughout the world. Internet was accessed by millions, and a number of users started to grow. The software required to run virtual casino also improved at rapid speed, many websites of the casino was launched in the digital world. The first-ever progressive jackpot Cash Splash was introduced in this period. The industry started to grow with tremendous impetus. In two years’ time, the industry was worth $1 billion and showed more potential for growth.

Playtech improved the software of the online gambling industry to a large extent. Virtual interactive slot machines are a showcase of modern technology. Slot machines come with high-quality graphics and sound effects, which provide great thrill and amusement, accessed from your home. From 2000 software witnessed more advancement and improvement; more variations of games were available in the casinos` websites, so you can choose your favorite one. Most of the games were free to download; others were played live through browsers. User guide was provided to get familiar with those new variants of games. Welcome, and other forms of bonuses were introduced to make online gambling more entertaining. Progressive slots also gained popularity among wagers all around the world.

Progressive slots

Different varieties of progressive slots appeared in the market from 3 reeled to 5 reeled. Following slots, many variants of blackjack and video poker were introduced by casino websites to allure new players. Online gambling became more interesting and thrilling with a large variety and wide range of games. The “hold” function incorporated in modern slot machines made them more popular over the one presented in brick and mortar casinos.

Advancement in technology

With impressive advancement in technology made online gambling more users friendly, more exciting as well as secure and safe. The high-quality graphics, 24*7 customer support, easy and convenient bank system gives more advantages over land-based casinos. Moreover, you can enjoy gambling at your convenient time from the comfort of your home in internet-based casino online. Virtual casinos give you the same feel and experience as in real casinos. The biggest technological revolution in the gambling industry is mobile gaming. It is the biggest technological boom in the gambling industry. The apps are easily downloadable in your mobile device, so you can enjoy seamless gambling experience in streaming videos. You can enjoy gambling over your mobile irrespective of time and place.