Casino Terminology: The most common terms and jargon on the casino floor




Are you new to the gambling world and have been struggling to understand the terms that players often keep using? You are a fish! At least that’s the tag you’ll carry on the gaming floor. A fish is a term used to describe newbies. 

Below you’ll find some of the most common gambling terms and jargon. That way, whether you’re playing at a land-based or an online casino, you’ll know what everyone is talking about.

Casino jargon and terminologies

Action: This is definitely one of the most common terms you’ll hear on the gaming floor. It is used by a dealer to call to action the player in a position to bet.

All-in: A player wages all their remaining chips into the pot. For instance, in a no-limit game, a player raises all his chips. The other players have to match those chips, or else they fold. 

Ante: A common term in card games, ante refers to the initial amount the player must bet to play. 

Aggregate limit: This is the total amount a casino is liable to pay out during any round of the game. If players exceed the limit, for example, during play, they will reduce their winnings to the aggregate limit.

Bankroll: Money that has been set aside for gambling or participating in casino activities. It is crucial that before you start any casino activities, you have set aside a certain amount to gamble to stay within your limits.

Bet: This is a term for a wager during a game.

Buy-in:  The amount of money (in chips) needed to enter a game. In some instances, it could mean turning money into chips to join a game.

Blind bet: Another common term in a poker game where a player will bet without knowing what card will come up next.

Cage: This is the location in a land-based casino where the cashier or cash desk is situated. It is also where chips are stored. In the new online casinos, it is prominently placed on the toolbar once logged in.

Call: Mostly used in a poker game, it is the action taken to match the current bet.

Cardsharp: This term describes an expert in a game of cards.

Deposit: This is the amount that you put into your online casino account to participate in a game.

Double or nothing: Mostly used in blackjack, it means that the bet doubles the amount wagered if won or the player wins nothing at all upon losing.

Eye in the sky: Land-based casinos have several layers of security, and one of them is the multiple surveillance cameras to monitor casino activity on the floor. Eye in the sky is slang to refer to video surveillance cameras.

George: A slang term generally used to refer to a player who generously tips to dealers. 

High-roller: This is a player with a penchant for high stakes bets. They have a considerable bankroll. Different casinos have their criteria as to who qualifies to be a high-roller.

Hit me: A player uses this phrase when they need another card to play their hand. You are more likely to hear this term in a blackjack game. 

Jackpot: A common term majorly used in slot games to mean a big cash prize. You will primarily hear players say, “I have hit the jackpot!”

Odds: This is the probability or chance of a player’s winning a game. Most players use the odds to estimate how much they could win by multiplying it with the amount wagered.

Payout: This is the amount given to a player after winning a bet.

Slot machine:  Also known as fruit machines, slot machines work by inserting coins.Then, a player spins the reel to match a predetermined combination of symbols to win.

Stake: A stake is simply the size of a bet.

Tapping out: A term used by a player to indicate that they’ve lost the entire amount in their bankroll, marking the end of the gambling session. 

Toke: Shortened from the word “token,” atoke is what players use to tip their dealers after a game.

Random Number Generator (RNG): A device that is used to produce a random sequence of numbers or symbols. Dice-rolling or card games employ this method.

Washing: When the dealer is leaving the table, he rubs his hands together to indicate the session is over, and he is not taking any chips with him. 

Whale: A player who places extravagant wagers. 

86’ed: To be thrown out of a casino for unpleasant behaviour.

Now that you know the terminologies in a casino, you will be better placed to understand what’s happening in a game and follow the rules and regulations that govern each game.