Continent Africa – Get the Adventures in African Savannahs


While gambling is no new thing, the types of games certainly are. There are numerous games you can play whenever you want to. There is no time or place constraint to stop you from enjoying the thrill that gambling has to offer. Slot games are popular among gamblers for a wide variety of reasons here.

One of the most played slot games is continent Africa – a video slot of 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The slot is indigenously developed by BF Games and as the name suggests, offers players the wilderness that Africa has. The vast grasslands, desert patches, wild animals, and as you move ahead in the game, the fun and excitement also increase. Africa, from always, has been a paradise for travellers with its wildlife, desert area, wetlands, and grasslands. You will find all these components in the game. The game gives you a golden chance to win real cash prizes under the blue skies and amidst the local wildlife of Africa.

The graphics of the game

The graphics aren’t photorealistic but they are bold, big, and colorful, creating a landscape that will make you forget about your real surroundings. The unusual safari offered by this game is something that every player would want to experience with its quirky and fun components.

Below here are some things every player needs to know before going into African savannahs.

Survey of the surroundings

The effort gone into creating this game is appreciable, so you might want to take it all in. Don’t forget to set the reels in motion no matter how mesmerizing the surroundings are. As the game had 5 reels and 20 paylines, the entire set will be in play and you cannot use fewer. If you are on a budget, you can also restrict the game to a low limit. The maximum bet is also not sufficient for those who are looking for high payouts.

Having extra fun

If you want to get the most out of the slot when you are on a budget, you should be focusing on the features of the slot. There are extras on the reels that have special rewards. Continent Africa had some of the most decent rewards for the players when they spin winning combinations. As you are aware of the theme of the game, it shouldn’t startle you if some wild animals are seen on the reel. These symbols often give you more winning matches. Another feature you will find in the slot is scatter symbols, but they never occur with the wild symbols simultaneously.

Some more adventures

There is no shortage of slot games, but Continent Africa remains popular among new and older players. The game has the features such as sticky wild respins, free spins, and a gamble mini-game.

To get real money prizes, you can play continent Africa at different online casinos in the marketplace. But if you don’t know much about where to play, Geek Spins is there to enlighten you with everything you need.