Debunking Myths for Online Slots


Online slot machines are amongst the most popular games for many of the biggest online casinos in the world and these figures only continue to grow as USA casinos for UK players continue to bring in big numbers – but with any big game, there are always rumours and myths that swirl around for those who have lost out and those who are down on their luck, but which are the biggest myths surrounding online slots?

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You can determine when a pay-out is close – The always the old myth that you could track how a machine was performing on a casino floor to swoop in at the right moment and claim the jackpot, and whilst that may be true for the older machines that certainly isn’t true anymore. Both online and offline, modern slots have become very digitised and rely on random-number generator software to power each spin, making each spin different from the last, this makes it impossible to determine if a win is on the way as each spin is completely random. Not to mention this certainly can’t be true for online play as many different players can be on the same game, or ‘machine’ at the same time, laying this myth to bed once and for all.

The big brands pay out less often – Another myth in the similar vein is that the big, branded names are less likely to pay out with the bigger jackpots – this myth may have surfaced for a number of reasons, namely that they’re more popular and as such have more reports of players losing but may also just be stigma from the bigger brands becoming more relevant anyway. Much of this myth is just due to the losses, and certainly isn’t true as the same RNG software that powers the big brands is present in all of the small options too, but so long as there are those that lose a little this will certainly be one that continues.

Certain games slow when on a winning streak – Much like any other big casino game online, there are those that believe once you get started wit ha winning streak the games will slow down and become much harder  to play – this is certainly one that has been disproved a number of times. Bit still one that circulates. Much with the others, it provides an easy explanation for some to justify a loss, but certainly isn’t indicative of why the loss occurred.

There will certainly always be big myths around the biggest games, it’s a natural part of the lore for many players, but don’t feel discouraged by many as you’ll quickly find many hold no truth – enjoy the titles you’re playing without relying on a big win, and you’ll have the best time whilst enjoying your favourite games.

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