Do You Want to be Successful at Online Slots? Here’s what You should Remember


The house always wins. It’s an old adage, and it’s true – why else would online casino operators still be in business? However, that doesn’t mean that the individual player always loses. In fact, the individual player needs to win now and again, otherwise the house would have no players left. And that is the secret of winning online: studying how individual players score whilst understanding that the house wins in the long term. It’s all about statistics, and it’s all about having a winning strategy. If you haven’t been very successful in the past, don’t worry. Do you want to be successful at online slots? Here’s what you should remember.

The loose machine is your friend

It’s a terminology – the ‘loose’ machine is more rewarding than the ‘tight’ machine. In the end, it basically means that you should choose the game that rewards the most compared to other games. You’ll need to experience all of the games first, but sooner or later you’ll discover them. Once you have, you’ll notice your winnings increase.


Comps and bonuses are great

Essentially, comps and bonuses are there to entice you to play more – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of them. As a matter of fact, you’d be silly not to. Why not take that extra game when you know it’s for free?

Understand the dynamics of progressiveness

Often slot machines (or, in online language, slot games) offer a progressive jackpot – meaning the pot grows moreas more entries don’t win. Betting a little more every time the jackpot grows ensures your chances become better and better with each turn.

Determine your goals and stick with the plan

You should have a budget and you should have a plan. Stick with your strategy and try not to let emotions interfere with your game-plan. The most successful players are those who have the self-discipline to understand their situation and stick to the plan.

Use those credits

You may want to leave the game if you feel you’re not getting anywhere – on the other hand, if you still have credits, you may be getting somewhere without knowing it. Use the credits at slots online.

And remember the most important rule of all: have fun. Even if you’re doing it to gain money, or because you believe that the jackpot is going to change your life – make sure you have fun whilst you’re playing. Without the fun, it’s really not worth it, no matter how much money is involved. Have fun, and you won’t regret a thing. It’s all in the mind, after all. With a little study and self-control, the online player will always come out on top.

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