Dwell in The Land OF Magical Fairy Queen Slot Game Payout


Slot game sessions are quite popular with the online players. The gameplay is filled with fun and frolic at every spin.It’s time for an online slot game where you can find yourself under the magical spell.

The Fairy Queen Slot

In a slot game, any player can win prizes on winning combinations. In the Fairy Queen Game, the combinations are fairies favorite things such as butterfly dragons, flowers, and the tree men. The surprising bonuses on the other end offer instant prizes on free spins which comes with Scattered Fairy Lights.

Apart from the guaranteed awards and wins the Fairy Queen magically hands out prizes upon finding her favorite things in the Fairy Hollow.

The Fairy Hollow  

Ideally played on a mobile connection, a Fairy Hollow is a place to witness the magic of the night as the wild fairy world shines within the 5 x 3-reel grid. The hollow boasts of prizes that you never imagined you could win on a slot game on Android devices like tablets and ipads and also on Kindle Fires. Truly, it’s an eye treat watching the game come alive with every spin of the reels.

Rules of The Game

In the active line, the number of icons can vary from 2 to 5.  The spins are generated in either manual mode or an Autoplay button. The start button is assigned to the manual mode.

The line bets total and the number of paylines is the two settings that require attention before the start of spins.


The standard game is easy enough with fairytale characters that let you grip to the winnings, unlike the conventional gaming board which are joined by ten win lines. Offering a multiplier of up to 9000 for a spin along with the 10 free spins this also includes other profitable features. The feature with 5 reels and over 10 paylines is one of them.

The Line Bet

The number of paylines, Line Bet Menu, active lines are the most important features of this game. The Fairy Queen Slot machines have paylines and the balance is used to multiply based on the winning coefficient. The paylines in a given slot ranges from 1 to 100 and has active lines from 1 to 10 controlled by Lines Bet Menu.Every spin doesn’t guarantee wins but the symbols are valuable.

To enjoy the Fairy Queen Slot – play free with big stakes for maximum magic. The Queen wants her players to get to that one and many big hits even though you can play from just 4 coins a spin.

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