Engage your customers with fun in boxing game


MAXI COIN is the family running business which provides equipment of games. Here our suppliers get game equipment for hire, rent or profit share. We offer our customers good quality equipment for clubs, pubs, cafes, restaurants or rent. Boxing is an interesting game and mostly people just try it for fun in pubs or clubs. Maxi coin provides their client personal and friendly service. Customers hire Boxing Machines for their club.

For hire or rent, the game’s equipment our customers believe us because we offer them always good quality products at good cost. To contact us you can call us for a high range of Boxing Machines and boost your business. We offer our customers a high quality of boxing equipment at a good price on rent. The wide range of boxing machines is suitable for most of the business. People enjoy the game boxing because our machines are easy to use and low cost.

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  • Wide range of boxing equipment are available on rent

Maxi coin has a high class of boxing equipment on rent or hires for clubs, pubs, hotels and more. The range of high quality and range is enough to boost your business. The boxing game machines are available here at a good price and we don’t take any extra charge for install and maintain.

  • Why you need boxing game at your venue of business?

 Boxing game and its good quality machine is a good source to boost your business. You can attract customers with your some attractive offer at your venue. These offers will engage them and create fun for them at your venue. Fun and enjoyment is the part of life which is required for everyone and if your customer gets it at your venue, they like to visit your place again and again.

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  • Profit share on boxing game machine for customers

 Maxi coin also provides profit share on the boxing equipment means the customers do not need to pay any charge for hire or rent. You have to only get shares on the boxing game machine by spend on the customers. You will get 50 % share minimum on profit share on boxing game machines.

The boxing game machines are available for the customer when they want on rent, hire or profit share. You can contact to Maxi coin for the game equipment and boost up your business. We offer you minimum 50 % of share on profit share.

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