Essential Choices for the perfect Site for Betting


You are more and more likely to bet on an online bookmaker and these prediction sites make you well by regularly diversifying their offer and their services. Indeed, many betting possibilities are available, in addition to the simple bet on victory or handicap betting. In this article, we will guide you on a type of bet that can pay big on an online bookmaker. Indeed, the “1st goal scorer” bet which consists of guessing who will score a goal during a football game, is extremely popular with all players.

Before betting on a goal scorer in a match, it is obvious that you must be aware of a specific regulation for each online sports bookmaker. First, as you can see, by selecting a football match on which you wish to bet, the bookmaker offers you a list of players who could score a goal during the 90 minutes of the match. From this moment and before making your choice, know that:

If the player scores against his side, no gain is counted

Some bookmakers consider that if the player does not hold during the match, the bet is canceled. Others take into account the bet, from the moment the player enters the lawn. If he only enters the 88th minute, he will have very little time to score a goal. With toto-ks8 you can find the best betting chances now. The deals are perfect here and that is the reason you can find the perfect deal.

1st goal scorer

Some tips for betting on a goal scorer

Logically, if you have taken this last point of the rules into account, we consider it advisable to wait for the composition of the teams before placing your bet. Another solution, the goal scorer in the match is a type of bet accessible when you play live. You will be able to bet on the next player to score, at any time during the game, even if the score has already changed.

In addition, it is possible to multiply your starting rating by taking a little more risk. In this idea, you will be able to select a player who would have the potential to score 2 or more than 3 goals in the same match. This situation, which is called “double” and “hat-trick”, allows you to inflate the odds despite the uncertainty of winning. Always keep in mind that it is difficult to guess the goal scorer in a match since, according to the probabilities, the 11 field players (10 if we exclude the goalkeeper), are all capable of scoring a goal.

We advise you to make small bets of a few tens of euros on a top scorer bet, since the odds of these bets are high.