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Gaple online is a domino game played across Indonesia. This game which can be downloaded free lets you meet your friends in the online platform. This unique game is the best way to enjoy your leisure time. Gaple offers you two different themes from where you can choose which one to go for. It is big hype amongst the gamblers these days due to the range of attractive features it offers.

The striking features

The list of attractive features of Domino Gapleis as follows:

  • It will remain free forever
  • The design is very attractive and modern that makes the gaming experience fun and relaxed
  • You can earn free chips by inviting your Facebook friends. The more you invite, the more prizes you get to win
  • It lets you chat with other players by using the interesting emoticons
  • It offers a number of interactive tools
  • You get to win exciting prizes every week
  • Quick login with Facebook without any registration
  • Play anytime from your phone
  • The top most gaple game in Indonesia

The game includes

This western approach game consists of double-six set of twenty-eight dominoes. It is played by four to five people. When four players are involved it can be played in two different variations:

  • First, in which each player takes6 tiles, where 4 tiles face down in the center of the table;
  • Second, where each player takes 7 tiles, leaving nothing in the middle.

When four players are involved you can play either as individuals or in a team where the partners face each other. In case of five players, you take 5 tiles where 3 face down in the center of the table

How to play

In this domino gaple game, tiles are placed end to end in a straight line on the table. When your turn comes, you need to add another tile at the end of the line. In a four player game, where each player has seven tiles, the first player has to place the tile on the empty table. Who will place the tile is decided by the winner of the previous hand. This particular player should start with a double. If he or she does not have a double, then it passes over to the next person who has a double. This way the game continues and each player there after needs to add a matching tile at the end of the trial laid on the table. If a player is unable to lay a tile i.e. if he or she does not have a matching tile, they the person needs to discard a tile from his lot. This dead tile is counted against that player when the final score is calculated. In another version of the game, he or she can simply pass and not discard any tile. The game continues till a player runs out of tiles and cannot place any on the table.Finally, the total number of pips on the un-played tiles is counted and the one with the least point is declared as the winner.

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