Explore the tournament bubble: what you need to know


The tournament bubble is the moment when the payouts are about to “pop”. There is no precise definition of when exactly it starts. It may be when there are only three or four players to be eliminated, or when there are still 50 to go. It depends a lot on the size of the tournament and the number of registrants.

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What matters is that to win a poker idn tournament, putting pressure on your opponents and being more aggressive at that time is essential. Most players at this stage withdraw, waiting for the prize pool to burst out of the tournament with empty hands. At the same time, this is a stage in which the blinds and antes are higher and the payoff for successful steals is high. These two factors combined give a great opening for collecting large pots with little or no resistance.

Final table bubble

The final table bubble is even more important to exploit. When one to three players remain to be eliminated to form the final table, the tension and retraction of players with medium stack are immensely greater. At that time, the game is short-handed and the average stack knows that the blinds will reach the short stack more often, which they will not be able to resist for long. So they don’t mind playing tighter and waiting.

SuperNova125: Baller Poker Grind Stations / Setups

If your focus is really on winning poker tournaments, this is a unique chance to explore that scenario and attack these players. It is not always the average stacks that can be exploited, sometimes it is the short-stacks that prefer to reach the final table and go up in the prize pool instead of trying to win the tournament. As well as knowing how to change gears, it is also necessary to develop the ability to identify the right spots to attack and pull pots without resistance. And at that time it doesn’t matter if it’s a low buy-in tournament, nobody wants to be the bubble of any final table.

Put enough play volume

Rome was not built in a day. Things take time and effort to happen, especially when it comes to poker, where even if you do everything right, there will always be variance. Our tip here is to never lose motivation or let you be overwhelmed by setbacks along the way, let alone give up. To win poker tournaments, you need to print a lot of game volume. Professional idn domino players lose infinitely more than they win. Even if you often put yourself in favorable situations, the fruits to be harvested always come in the long run, especially when the goal is to win tournaments and not just make a profit from them.

If you are going to check the database of professional players with up to 20,000 tournaments played, you will not find more than 250 wins. So be patient and be sure to invest in the knowledge of the game. Determine to play a considerable volume of tournaments by dedicatedly applying the tips we have provided and you can be sure that the results will come.