Factors To Be Considered While Playing Online Poker


With the expansion of the gambling world, you will come across a lot of poker games spread worldwide. Amongst all the South East Asian countries Indonesia seems to have the largest market for these online gambling games. The other countries where you can experience these online poker games are growing famous are Macau, Australia, Philippines, and Hong Kong. But Indonesia that claims to be the 4th largest populated country worldwide has gained the maximum footage regarding poker games. The free playing option is practically making it a big hit and attracting new players abundantly. Though it is a Muslim dominated country having a lot of restrictions nothing could stop the poker community from growing every year.

What to look for

In Indonesia, since poker is considered illegal, for playing such games you need to log in through the international sites. Here, you won’t come across any poker online Indonesia sites. Any site that to choose to play will have different offers that you must select from like:

  • Welcome bonus – This offer is placed to attract the new players. Here, you are provided a certain amount of free money to start the game.
  • Choose the sites having active players – Always go for a poker room that has the maximum number of players.
  • The ultimate experience of gaming – A user’s practical experience and the fair gameplay strategy are two key factors that can help you judge which online poker site to select.
  • Existing reviews – Just like most products and services, even here reviews give you a fair idea about the site.
  • Video tutorials – These videos share with you a live gaming experience inside any poker room.
  • Safety – Sites are having the features like multiple payment options, quick withdrawal and redemption policy are usually safe to play with. Excellent customer support – This is one of the most vital factors that need to be considered while choosing an online poker site to enjoy a smooth experience.

The legal factor

Though poker is a simple skill game and not a real gambling game, still it is banned in Indonesia and you won’t even come across any poker online Indonesia websites. The people who are in love with these games thus log in to the various international sites that support such games. Since the government of Indonesian desperately want to keep their people practically away from such illegal games, hence they have gone to the extent of blocking some of the primary international poker sites so that no one can access them.  As per the studies, Indonesia has a huge population of over 261 million, and you would be surprised to see their love for gambling and sports betting. Even though the attendance in the live casinos may fall the craze would never go down in case of online casinos. Sports betting and other types of casino games are given so much importance here that the prospect of poker games suffers in this country. Being an Indonesian resident, you should be very careful while picking any poker site regarding its legal status.

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