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Like other countries, India has adopted its terms of traditional betting. The bidding practises started before Indian independence. The cotton used to be imported from the New York cotton exchange to Bombay cotton exchange. People belonging to the lower-income group of the society started to bid on the rise/fall price of the imported cotton. But gradually the government banned this practice. This demotivated the players a lot and they decided for a replacement. Rattan Khatri was the first person to give the idea of launching “Satta Matka” as a substitute. Here people used to bet on random numbers written on chits. These chits were put inside an earthen pot(Matka). Someone was called to pick up some chits and those were declared as the winning numbers. With the advancement of science and technology, people have now stopped visiting the places for performing the games. Rather they use their mobile device as the betting equipment.

How can one bet online in an electronic device?

Mobile devices and laptops are now available for purchase in the market at an affordable price. One can surf the internet browser and get access to several online betting platforms. But most of them are not genuine or do not have a license to trade. People cannot control greed and go on betting on these websites and ultimately lose money. DPBOSS is such a website that guarantees the money of the player to be safe hands. The brokers who bet on-behalf of the player have a good reputation in the market. It is a globally renowned website. If the player faces any problem, DPBOSS Satta has given a helpline number for service. They pick up calls and help their customers until time satisfaction is achieved.

Can both freshers and experts play in this site?

Both can equally participate in this game. But it is, after all, a game of probability and a high range of risk. So it may happen that the fresher is not getting enough profit. He should be able to read the Matka charts specially Kalyan weekly Jodi. DPBOSS will give authentic charts and tables at the end or beginning of any game so that proper strategy can be made for the upcoming game. The games are run throughout the weekdays in different hours of the day. One can participate in more than one game per day. With a minimum investment of Rs.500, he can easily start the game after signing up. 

What is the trick of playing this game?

One set of numbers is chosen based on getting the last digit after adding the numbers. Then again another set of numbers chosen and performed the same function. Then waiting for the result and tallying the winning numbers with all the bets, gives the winner of the game. The lottery functions in one form of algorithm and no special trick are there. The strategy lies in the choosing of the numbers that may give expected winning chances. Hence no chance of fraud or cheating with the invested money.

What are the modes of money transfer in this game?

DPBOSS Matka supports Paytm wallet option along with direct bank transfer. The maximum withdrawal amount in Paytm is Rs.15000 and can be directly withdrawn within 15 minutes of action. The direct bank transfer takes time with a deduction of 3% service charge from the deposited amount. The maximum withdrawal limit is Rs.1 lakh and it takes around 24 hours for the transaction. All details can be known by just clicking the “Withdrawl Amount” option present on the left corner side of the mobile screen.

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