Finer Balances with the Perfect Website Verification


It is one thing that these links and site audit pages can be closed from indexing by search engines. To place the address of your site and as a result of getting a back link, you can manually visit the pages of sites to collect statistics or you can use the page to automatically add URLs (URLs) to analyzer sites. For that you can take the help of the toto and come up with the best choices now.

As a way to get backlinks, this method is quite extraordinary and controversial. But while searching for information necessary for the best result of your site’s work, visiting audit services is a must.

A free way to analyze the site

  • Resources for checking the main SEO-indicators of the site
  • Free Tools for SEO

List of site analysis and verification services

An analysis of the site online (checking various site indicators) is necessary for the opportunity to see all the strengths and weaknesses of the project. Site audit allows you to decompose the problems into smaller components and using the hints existing on the sites of the analyzers to eliminate detected errors and shortcomings.

The list of online site verification services includes foreign, and universal

Many analysis services are paid, but have plenty of unpaid tools for checking web pages. And in order not to take the time of SEO masters to search for free website analysis tools, in the following list there are only resources that provide an opportunity without payment, to perform at least part of the site verification.

Seo site analysis – allows you to get acquainted with relevant information about the promotion of a web resource in search engines. SEO analytics tools provide a report on the position of the checked resource in the SERP. Elimination of SEO-significant shortcomings will allow you to take a more attractive place under the sun in the issuance of search engines.

The Requirements

Even now, when the Internet speed of most providers exceeds 100 Mbit / s, and mobile operators are developing 5G, the question of site loading speed remains relevant. This parameter significantly affects conversion, bounce rate, traffic, and other KPIs that are important for business. Because, ceteris paribus, a person will choose the site that loads faster and does not make him wait. This is told to us by logic, personal user experience and numerous studies on the topic that can be found on the network. Here, for example, an exhaustive selection of cases with numbers, how companies experimented with download speeds.

All researchers agree that the optimal load time is from 1.5 to 3 seconds. If the page loads longer, more than half of the users leave it without waiting for a miracle.