Free Slots: Different ways to Play Slots for Free


Believe it or not, there are several ways that gamers can earn money from slots from free slot sites. There are a few steps every player can make to earn money from slots for free.

Free spins

If you are an avid gamer you will have met this bonus before. Free spins are the easiest and quickest way to earn money from free slots apps free. They are exactly what they sound like, free spins. Gamers get the chance to spin the slot for free. They are usually offered with welcome bonuses to attract potential customers or as additional bonuses to maintain gamers. Most online gaming sites offer a collection of free spins. This means that gamers have several chances to win money from slots without having to spend a penny.


Some online casinos offer gamers the opportunity for players to practice slots. This means that gamers can play slots for free without winning anything. Yes, this is a good thing. This gives the gamer lots of chance to practice and perfect their strategy. Although this isn’t as good as the other options, this does help new and nervous gamers.

No deposit bonuses

If you find a no deposit bonus, take it. They are not the most common casino bonus, but they are one of the best. Without having to pay a deposit, gamers do not have to make a commitment to a casino website. A lot of online casinos have minimum deposit regulations which deter gamers, especially beginners. By paying a deposit a lot of people feel obligated to play and are not willing to commit to it. A lot of gamers who visit casino sites are not regular or experienced. Most people feel lucky one day and decide to play slots on a whim, it is rarely predetermined.

Search around

Research. Casino games are very entertaining, and research may seem like that takes away some of the fun but trust me it does not. By finding the best developer or website, your casino experience will only be enhanced. There is an array of different developers that offer free slots and bonuses. Most online casino websites give gamers the chance to play for free or for a very small price. Do not pay a fortune for one game of slots. You also need to compare the price you are paying to the jackpot. Paying nothing and winning 10p is still a success. Paying £2 and winning a million is also outstanding. Paying £10 and the chances of you winning £100 are 10%, not so good. Look at the jackpot and the RTPs.

Know when to look for bonuses

As mentioned previously, casinos like to give existing customers bonuses to maintain them and to keep them interested. This in turn increases their revenue. Look out for these bonuses. They are normally offered on a termly basis i.e. weekly, monthly etc. These bonuses allow gamers to have a few games of slots for free.

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