Fruitautomaten – Major online game slot provider


The uniqueness of fruitautomaten, Is that they provide hundreds of free slots and its payout  percentage ,approximately  92% internet provider opposed physically only between 70 to 80%.In this slot machines you can notice this following options for payment like PayPal, SMS, Checkout, bank transfers, ideal bankroll, pay and play, credit card, and banking. This is the world’s largest, speediest, most downloading, tuned online slots.

 You can also notice in play store about the new arrival of slot machines like Powerwin, random Twinner, jolly roger and Power Fruit etc… few more exiting slot machine is on its way and will be expected to release in 2017.

The most famous slot series are Random runner, Mega MultiTimer, Wheel of fortune, devils red alerts, inferno, X&O, Simply wild, Copsandrobbers, Red hot active etc… in this every provider account will get free monthly play credit for real money. Double Dutch by Topdeck released in 2011 is one of the most popular online slots for free without flash player. Hot shot online slots have distinctive feature which allows shooting 3x 200 credits can shoot. The latest flash hit is master club in 2000 which consists 2 progressive jackpots.


Mobile slots are running wild games or games which mirrors the runner unlimited online slot. You make payment through your phone by SMS or by banking, the Andy Cappluxury and all the gambling slots will get open in new windows. The newest 3D casino slots and other game information will be available in game room and free arcade slots.

Tips: Online slots are only allowed for adults.

Fruiteautomaten will also provide a great casino games online like 7red, power lounge, scratch, poker etc… This slot is the largest slot machine all over the Europe and owns all the free online game slots, Payment can be made through your mobile phone like the super joker, game timer and beautiful hotshot. The largest and famous jackpotslotty flash slots games are now available in online. Gambling can be played in you mobile just for free or to earn some pocket money. Payment option for gambling games will be mentioned in the slot when you start to play.


If you are a casino or games lover never miss out the chance to know and to play Fruiteautomaten games.

Would you like to know more about Fruiteautomaten check out our website  and about installation of games you can contact us by sending messages through our website.

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