Games to Play with your Phone


A mobile game is a game you can play through a phone, smartphone, tablet, smartwatches, and portable media players. The earliest mobile game date’s way back in 1994 called ‘Tetris.’ In 1997, Nokia manufacturers launched ‘Snake.’ It became a preinstalled game that featured in most Nokia manufactured devices. Since then, the game became one of the most popular games played in many devices worldwide.

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Since the early 2000s, mobile games have been gaining more popularity in Japan’s mobile culture years before Europe could catch up with them. By the year 2003, there was an established wide range of mobile games that were available in Japanese phones. These games ranged from puzzle games and virtual titles that utilized the camera of the phone and the fingerprint scanners technology, to 3D games with exceptionally high-quality graphics.

Why have a mobile game on your phone?

Almost everyone has at least one game they play on their phone. The rate of people having games on their phone has significantly increased over the years. This is due to the different factors such as more available free games, phones with large memory, and improvements in graphics and quality of the games.

Also, mobile casinos have gained popularity over the years because they have become a source of entertainment, fun, and the fact that players are generally not limited on where to play. Besides, the increased production of smartphones and the current development of touchscreen technology makes it possible for you to play virtual reality games effectively.

Games you should play

Here are some games you can play over your phone for entertainment and even enhance specific skills;

  • Virtual Piano Keyboard Game – This game is favorable for both adults and children. The game enhances your piano playing skills and helps in the entertainment. You are capable of shifting octaves and other levels before playing your favorite song. Additionally, you can customize the game to suit your specification by choosing the type of piano to achieve different sound effects.
  • Basketball Star 2019 – This is one of the sporting games played by both adults and kids who have an interest in basketball either as players or fans. The game teaches some theoretical skills that a player can try while practicing for real games. Additionally, the game is multiplayer-enabled hence you can play with your friends for entertainment. Basketball Star 2019 promotes talents in sporting.
  • Subway Surfers -This is a single-player video game and endless runner mobile game co-founded by Kiloo and SYBO Games, a private company with its origin in Denmark. The games offer the exploration opportunity to the player, visiting different countries.
  • Solitaire -This is one of the popular card games worldwide played by both kids and adults. The main aim of the game is to acquire four suits built on the basics ranging from aces up through kings.


Mobile games have made life less annoying as a source of entertainment for both adults and kids. For instance, mobile casinos give you the real experience of the game wherever you are. Also, there are numerous games you can access through your phone apart from the above mentioned.