Get Benefits from Online Casino Bonus


If you are already a frequent player of online casino games then you must have heard about the casino bonus. These kinds of casino online bonuses are one type of a promotional strategy which is used by most of the casino owners in order to capture more customers in a very short time. So, here we will discuss about the bonus and also we will find out about its various types.


Qualifying for a casino bonus is not at all a tough thing, in fact availing a bonus is the easiest thing. Here, all you have to do is fulfill the criteria of the casino in order to gain the bonus, or if the casino offers the bonus once you win a contest then you just have to play the contest. Generally the criteria is very simple, you just have to deposit a certain amount of money into your playing account and once you deposit that amount you will gain the casino online bonus. Accordingly, most online casinos allow players to deposit money using PayPal (Einzahlung mit PayPal) – with this in mind, you can check whether your chosen online casino accepts PayPal deposits by taking a look at the resources on their website.

Some of the casino websites even have the provision under which, once you register yourself, you will get the extra bonus. Here, you will get the bonus in the form of extra money and once you avail the bonus your playing account will be debited with extra money, so that you can play more.


The concept of a casino online bonus is not at all new, however previously this offer was only given to those people who were long term customers. But, now even a new customer can gain this bonus and enjoy the game.

Casino online bonus is calculated on a percentage basis; generally it starts from 10% and goes till 500%. If you have a balance of $50 in your playing amount then the minimum bonus you will get is 10% of $50 and that’s $5.

The bonus is also one kind of an indicator that shows care for the customers and it also proves that this is a popular casino. So, if you want to play more and increase your winning probabilities then get the casino online bonus.

There are various kinds of bonuses, first is the welcome bonus where new customers are provided with a bonus. Second is the match bonus or the percentage bonus which is given to the customers on the basis of the balance in the playing account. Here, you will get a bonus on the basis of the amount in your playing account. The third is the reloaded bonus which is similar to the welcome bonus.

If you are playing online casino then you will get two kinds of bonus one is the preferred bonus and the other is the “no deposit bonus”, but here you will only get points as bonus. If you are a privileged customer on a casino then you will get the Lofty bonus, so you can see that with so many casino bonuses you can make your game much more interesting and also earn a lot.

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