Global Pandemic Forces the World to Turn to Internet


With the recent developments regarding the covid-19 global pandemic and the lockdowns that proved to be our only weapon to fight the spread of the disease, we were left without a viable option for entertainment. Or, more precisely, all entertainment that relies on proximity of other humans is now no longer an option.

The most notable case of taking a thing you were already doing and moving it online is poker. The worldwide phenomenon of poker now has better numbers and a greater surge than during the times of the online poker boom in the 2000s. Poker is a perfect game to play when you got time to kill, and it’s also a game you’re playing against other humans. Poker operators such as Black Chip Poker report that their traffic has at least doubled.

Online gambling also had an unprecedented surge in traffic of over 50% compared to pre-pandemic numbers, as land-based gambling is now effectively banned. Everyone turned to online operators to enjoy their favorite game and to have some fun. Even smaller websites such as that cater to a specific audience have seen an increase in traffic and signups.

Sports betting is, of course, running on bare bones right now as there are almost no sports being played. One exception is the Belarus football league, and there was that UFC 249 a couple of days ago. Other than that, sportbooks offer betting on virtual sports. It’s safe to say that business of both online and land-based sportbooks has been reduced to less than 5% of its pre-pandemic value.

Delivery businesses are thriving. Whether it’s out of boredom, out of desire to buy something to feel good, or simply out of responsible urge to not go outside and still get what you want, we get more items delivered to us than ever before. Let’s face it, we prefer to go get the item ourselves, try it out, get out, talk to the clerk – than to have it delivered. This has now changed and getting the item delivered is the new standard.

As governments continue to print money to somehow stop the huge economic disaster, people again turned to an online thing – Bitcoin. Price of Bitcoin has been rising ever since the bloodbath in mid March, as the halving event and the growing uncertainty has people turn to this digital store of value.

When all this is over, we can expect a world in which Internet is far more important than it used to be, there will be more delivery vehicles on the street than vehicles carrying humans, and most entertainment will not have human contact involved. Even if the pandemic passes completely, the habits formed by this generation will be difficult to break.