Greater Safety Standards for Websites


According to many studies, the password 123456 remains one of the most used in the world. Now, the password is one of the first security measures that can protect you from phishing. The use of is useful for the safeguarding the site.

To avoid this, choose a complicated password to find. He must:

  • Contain at least 12 characters
  • To mix numbers, letters and special characters
  • Be anonymous (do not include your date of birth, your dog’s name or other)

The best practice is to have a password for each account or software used. The process seems complex? To manage and store a large number of passwords, obtain password management software. The Keepass tool, free of charge, has been approved by a national authority: you can rely on it.

Finally, renew your passwords regularly, because even if you are careful, they may have been compromised and you did not know it.

More specifically for companies:

Make your employees aware of best practices in terms of passwords. Distribute them with good practice cards, and force regular renewal of their various passwords.

Also remember to educate all service providers and subcontractors who use software and accounts of your company: they are also vectors of potential attack of your company.

Choose your firewall and anti-virus

Regardless of your operating system or computer hardware, you cannot skip good anti-virus software that protects you from various Internet attacks.

A good anti-virus protects you from all types of known malicious files, namely:

  • Viruses, which can hide behind benign software
  • Worms, which are often received by attachment in emails
  • Trojan horses (or Trojan) that allow access to your data or even totally control your computer
  • Spyware (or spyware), which transmits to the hacker your personal data

Also, have a firewall. This feature not only protects you against intrusions from a third-party network when you’re on the Internet, but also blocks unwanted connections from your computer. Most operating systems (Mac and Windows) have built-in firewalls, and many anti-virus programs also offer this essential feature.Have you implemented a powerful antivirus and firewall to protect yourself on the Internet?

Make regular backups of his data

Even if you have good anti-malware software, it’s safer to consider that your data is never fully protected, this is why they must be regularly backed up and stored on disconnected equipment.

For businesses, this advice is particularly important, especially with regard to vital data for the proper functioning of the company. This avoids too much activity drop in case of attack or erasure of this crucial data.

Get an ad blocker

Advertising blockers for web browsers limit exposure to potentially malicious ads. Some browsers already offer such features, but adding such a plugin will provide you with a second means of protection.Some sites, such as online media sites, will ask you to disable your ad blocker to view the content of the website: be vigilant and discerning when doing so.

Redouble vigilance with messages from strangers

Email is one of the most powerful levers for Internet hackers. Always keep a close eye on what is sent to you through this process.

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