How I Invested My 60 Spins from Online Slots In 2019


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Hi, my name is Andrew. Before I started using the Boomtown casino, I have been known by both friends and family to gamble at all times. I started wagering at the age of 15; then the slot machine has always been my thing. During that time in school, particularly during the dinner time, I will spend all my money on gambling, or when I leave school for home, I will invest all the money on me to play online slot. It became something that I was used and known for. It became more serious even the time I started working with a company, I was paid well, but I choose to use most of my pay to gamble, and often I end up losing. Sometimes I play with $20, $30 which was a considerable percentage from my income but I was not bothered about it.

Then I started making progress in my place of work, and then I got promoted which resulted in more pay for me (most casino players tend to wager more money when they earn more money). I was chatting with one of my friends on video call when he introduced me to an online casino called Boomtown. I was really interested as I have always loved online slots as it gives me the opportunity to earn big. So, I started small when I signed in with Boomtown. I had planned it out to start by using $10, $20 and $40 to wager and I had planned out how to spend my wins.

To my surprise, Boomtown offered me 60 free spins upon registration without me making any deposit. The 60 free spins are available for me to spin and if I win, the winnings become mine. Luck decided to compensate me for all my previous loss as I was able to make a considerable amount of returns from my 60 free spins.

To say that I was excited was an understatement because I had so many huge plans that I wanted to start with and it assured me that I would be able to invest appropriately into every plan that I have written down for myself before the end of the year 2019.

My parents, family and friends have gotten so much expectation from me since I got promoted from my place of work. This will prove that I am still capable of fulfilling all plans that have been set.

First of all, I will have to buy a new house and move out of my parent’s house, been staying with them for an extended period and this is the time that I need to change my accommodation by buying a new house and also settling in with my girlfriend. She has always been bothered about mounting debt and sponsoring her academics.

Now I can assist her in lifting some of them and giving her that good life she deserved always. After getting a good house, my truck has been faulty, so I also got a new car that suits me in which I am happily proud of the investment being able to generate from that money. I changed some of the old furniture that are in my parent’s possession, replaced them with new ones and I am also planning of getting shares that will secure my future.

There are so many casinos platform around that are also willing to offer you with the 60 spins but using the Boomtown, they have been able to offer 60 spins with no deposit offer. It does not get better as it does not require any deposit or wager, you can play for free. Have fun with your 60 spin goals and do not be bothered about having to pay money into the account before you are entitled to join. If you are in search of how to activate 60 free spins, then you will be glad that you discovered Boomtown. Here is how you will get involved:

  • When you are in search of the promotion that you are willing to activate, click on the 60 free promotion.
  • Check thoroughly about the terms and conditions that have been listed and how you can join.
  • Click on “join” and then put in your details. Immediately you have been able to do this; you will find it very easy to activate your 60 bonus spin.

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