How iGaming Uses Technologies


iGaming in brief: The term iGaming refers to gambling on the Internet. 

Numbers Only

The current trend is clearly toward online gambling. The size of the market in 2020, in the early pre-COVID time, was 66.72 billion dollars. Since the applicable rules and restrictions are still in force, the profit numbers by the online casinos may increase. According to predictions, the online gambling market will grow up to 158.20 billion US dollars by 2028.

In the Right Time

Gambling on the Internet is attracting more and more followers. The iGaming industry is booming. When the first online casinos opened their doors in the late 90s, few foresaw such rapid growth in such a short time. The reasons for growth at such a rapid pace can be explained, first of all, by the development of the Internet. Individuals and organizations could connect to the Internet using personal computers, computer terminals, or other devices, including smartphones and tablets. Improvements in smartphones, tablets, and faster mobile Internet, as well as mobile-friendly versions of online casino websites, led to the development of so-called mobile online gaming. 

Optimization and Security

The necessity to improve rankings on search engines and provide a good user experience forced the casino industry to focus on optimization of website loading speed. The increasing business competition obliges online casinos to search for new ways to retain and attract customers. Securing deposits and withdrawals with the highest levels of SSL encryption technology is a must for the industry. Websites owned by large gaming groups like SkillonNet, Progress Play, Condor Gaming, L&L, trying to act like trusted online casinos, will not share your data with third parties. 

Lots of Games

No wonder online casinos open 24/7 and offer an almost endless selection of games. Besides popular slots, roulettes, video poker games, keno, and blackjack are securing customers’ approval. Sports betting, craps, sic bo, table games, and card games are available in online casinos too. Slots account for about 70% of the most popular online casino games, according to the broadcasting company from the UK. They and other casino games are providing emotions to players. The possibility of winning or losing intrigues and excites players. Some operators are offering higher payout ratios to attract customers to slot machine games. The operating companies (CryptoLogic, International Game Technology) provide casino software for leasing.

In the Right Place

The online gambling industry is among the first large industries to include new technologies, such as virtual reality and blockchain, into its concept of successful development. The field is constantly using new and advanced technologies to improve the gaming experience as well. They include improved games, state-of-the-art security measures, better accessibility, enhanced member services, and much more. Future-oriented technologies, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, data mining, and data modeling, make their presence felt in the online gambling niche. The use of VR headsets offers users the opportunity to replicate the feel of real casinos. It lets players feel the thrill of land-based casinos while enjoying the convenience of online casinos.

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