How Much Betting is Too Much


This is one question which comes up a number of times when people speak about casino betting or online gambling. It is something which counselors are asked about when people try to figure out for some they care has a betting issue and whether it is time for them to intervene. Even betting enthusiasts ask this question to themselves if they have started to think that gambling isn’t just a fun and entertainment thing for them.

So, what is too much actually?

Well, it depends and it isn’t just about money always. Money is the basic loss in gambling, but apart from it there are several other things which an addict loses when he gambles uselessly. The sum someone can securely spend on gambling like how much you have spent on the other non-important stuffs renders consequences on your personal circumstances. .


Question yourself- What sum of money can you risk in losing at casino table without affecting your ability to handle other set expenses like food, renting, transportation and bills. Often people spend a few dollars on betting and have to go without the essentials for weeks while for others it rises to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

What was impact of betting on social life?

No much… while they played poker lonely, they hardly spoke to anyone or met with someone new.

What did they get in exchange of dollars they betted?

Just some hours in front a computer screen which boasted and promised of a lots but frankly did nothing. And on the contrary took hundreds of dollars from them. Question yourself what will you reap from betting, if it is not giving what you actually desire or if it creating problems for you.

When does betting become an issue?

Harmful betting is when it commences creating troubles for you as well as your contacts. For instance, if you are worried about getting more and more money, it will strain your relations with your family members, snatch away your work and make you lazy.

There may be several times when you just want to give up gambling or go for rational betting, but eventually you discover that falling back is tougher than you ever thought it to be! The right way to look at it is to work out what betting is actually costing you. It is your health, your relationships, financial stress and happiness!!!!

Sometimes betting is actually harmful for you in comparison to the other things, majorly when you are constantly playing and you lose track of how much you actually have to spend. At that time, the cash flow goes out of your hand and you have every possibility of entering into debt.

What should you do?

Moreover, debt consolidation companies can help you to manage your debts by producing a debt analysis that can also be used to assess your credit score. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about how to assess your credit score, you can research credit reporting and scoring companies like credit sesame online. Ultimately, no one likes to think too much about the possibility of being in debt, but it is important to remember that help is out there.

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