How Online Gambling Differs in Different Countries


Online gambling is a relatively common activity that is practiced in several countries around the world. Since its inception about three decades ago, online has continued to grow with billions of dollars spent on it every year, with people participating in betting on blackjack, the aviator game, roulette, and more. Despite its commonness, it is worthwhile to note that online gambling differs in many countries around the world. If you are interested in checking out those sites that offer no-deposit gambling, which is a common choice, they are listed here. Notably, most of the differences lie in the legality of the activity in various countries.

In this article, we will compare how online gambling differs in Italy when compared to other countries.

Online gambling in Italy

In Italy, it is completely legal to take part in online gambling. Previously, efforts were made by the government to control, monitor, and suppress the rate of online gambling in this European country. Even several foreign online company platforms were prevented from running their activities in Italy. However, things have changed now as online gambling was officially legalized in 2007. As a result of this, there are hundreds of online gambling websites operating in Italy. You can check out some of these websites here.

Nonetheless, to operate in the country, online gambling sites must first obtain legal permissions. These permissions are now available for both foreign and local platforms.Nowadays, online gambling can be practiced in Italy in different forms including sports and horse race betting, online lotteries, poker, and other card games betting, virtual and live betting, bingo betting, pool betting, etc.

Today, online gambling in Italy is regulated by the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AASM). This organization can change the rules of online gambling anytime and is in charge of issuing licenses for online gambling companies. With the help of this organization, there is no regional difference in the regulation of online gambling in Italy.

Comparison to online gambling in other countries

Comparatively, many other countries are not as liberal about online gambling as Italy. In some countries, online gambling is illegal while others have strict rules about it. In the United States, for instance, online gambling is regulated at both federal and state levels. At the US federal level, gambling is legal, but states have the right to rule out gambling. For instance, Pennsylvania, Indian, Iowa, etc. have legalized online gambling, but it is illegal to gamble in Utah and Hawaii. This shows a sharp contrast to the situation in Italy where online gambling is legal in all regions.

In the UK, gambling is legal. However, the UK Gambling Commission must provide a license to anyone that wants to operate an online gambling site in the country. Besides, you must be 18 years and above to gamble in the UK.

When Italy is compared to Singapore, the case is entirely different. Online gambling is strictly restricted in Singapore as foreign companies are not allowed to operate in the country. Besides, only the Singapore Turf Club and the Singapore Pools are legalized to run online gambling platforms in Singapore.

Australia, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, etc. also have different regulations and challenges that make their online gambling different from Italy and some other countries.

As shown above, online gambling is not the same everywhere. While some countries such as Italy are lenient with the rules, others are strict.

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