How to choose a website to play rummy online – Complete Guide!



Rummy is one of the most popular online games across the world. It has taken a new shape in the Indian online gaming industry as well. The Indian rummy games had gone immensely popular in just a few years., which claims to be the first Indian rummy playing website, is the oldest of all. It has over 8 million active users associated with it. Choosing a website to play 13 card games online can be a big hassle for you. So, here we have come up with this guide to help you out choosing the best rummy website.

Legal & Legitimate –

One must ensure that the free rummy website you choose should adhere to the judicial law system of India. There are a number of rummy websites in India serving the best rummy card games online, but before choosing just any, check out the privacy policy, disclaimer, and most importantly that whether the site is abiding any law or not.

Trusted by Users –

Before you learn how to play rummy onlineon just any website, it is important to find a site that is trusted by its users. You can check out the reviews given by the players and its users about a specific website. The best – reviewed site can be your selection. A trusted website will always work on ensuring the user security and easy navigation. It even ensures that the vital user data is not leaked at any cost.

Fair Gameplay –

Whenever a player registers on a rummy website, the foremost ask is for the fair gameplay. Though rummy is a game of skills so every move decides the game. In online rummy, the shuffling of the cards are generated by random number generator which has been verified by iTech Labs and it is found that the card sequence is unique, unpredictable, non-repeated and are uniformly distributed to all the players. Ace2Three ensures 100% fair gameplay experience at its website and maintainsthe highest level of security to avoid any fraudulent activity.

Bonuses and Rewards –

The rewards and bonuses are really very important in the game of rummy. If you are playing Indian rummy online, you should always look for a website that can provide you sign up bonuses along with the refer-and-earn program. Moreover, the rewards during the gameplay can boost up your confidence and can make you develop more skills. So look for a site that provides you attractive bonuses and rewards, but don’t get lured away by the fake websites.

Customer Support –

If you are still a learner of the game then you might find it difficult to learn all the rummy rules without any aid. In such cases the FAQ section, tutorial videos, and the customer support can come handy. Moreover, the customer support should be responsive to the customer queries and fix them as soon as possible. The knowledge about the customer support can be collected from the online reviews or by any web interaction with the support staff of the particular rummy website.

Popularity –

Look, how popular the rummy site you have chosen is? You can either estimate it through its social media followers or can check out the YouTube views on the advertisements launched by these websites. one of the oldest players in this industry has recently launched its TVC which has millions of views & thousands of shares. You can clearly estimate how popular this rummy website is among the rummy players. You too can check out its new commercial here.

The’s new rummy commercial depicts an enthusiastic football referee who is a rummy critic and doesn’t forget to arrange the players on the field in the proper rummy card sequence. Everyone on the field is stunned, but the referee finally had the last laugh.

The Last Words –

The Indian rummy is one of the most popular variants of rummy. If you are looking to start your career as a rummy player then make sure that you have gone through the above-mentioned guidelines well. You may come across different websites and few of them can be a scam. You must beware of such fraudulent websites and avoid using them. One must choose the best rummy website to play rummy games online without any trouble by following the above guidelines.


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