How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker Online


It is easier than you think to start having fun and winning money at trustworthy poker sites online. This article outlines the basics of Texas Hold’em Poker play at internet-based rooms, and you will very soon be upping the ante with the best of them! If you know the basics, you won’t have to rely on luck and superstitions to guide you through!

Getting Started with a New Game

When you are playing a game of Texas Hold’em Poker, the first thing that happens is that all players are dealt two cards facing down, which are known as Hole cards. A round of betting then follows, wherein you will be able to Check, Bet, or Fold. This part of the game is known as Pre-Flop, and what you will be doing here is dependent on what your Hole Cards are, or what your starting hand is made up of.

When all the betting has been completed, three cards that will be shared by all of the players are then dealt facing up in the middle of the table. This is called the Flop.

As you can see, Texas Hold’em is slightly more complicated than the online pokies NZ and the rest of the world make available, but not too much so. It is still very easy for players of any level of experience to enjoy!

The Middle of the Texas Hold’Em Game

After the Flop has been dealt another round of betting will be completed, and then a fourth shared card, known as the Turn, will be dealt.

There is then another round of betting, after which a final community card, called the River, is dealt, after which a last round of wagering comes into play.

Your finest Texas Hold’em hand will be made up using your Hole cards and then the five cards in the middle of the table in order to make up the best five-card poker hand. These will be in line with the standard poker hand rankings.

The Last Part of the Game


There are two ways a Texas Hold’em game can end:

  1. The players turn their Hole cards over and the player with the best-ranked Hand takes the pot. This is known as a Showdown.
  2. Someone bets enough for everyone else to Fold. This is actually how most Hands end in a Texas Hold’em game, and therein lies the magic: you don’t always need to be holding the best hand in order to win.

Texas Hold’Em in a Nutshell

A quick recap: you will be dealt your Hole cards, and bets will be placed. The players still in the game will see a Flop, and another round of betting begins. Then a Turn card is revealed, and, once more, wagers are placed. Then a final River card is revealed, one more round of betting takes place, and the finest five-card hand takes the pot!

The simplicity of this game, along with the big potential for players to make a profit, is what keeps it so popular both online and off. There is no complicated strategy for players to learn, and yet practice will definitely improve your game!