How To Win Most Times In Bola Tangkas


Bola Tangkas is Indonesian poker game. It is played on a console, quite similar in way as that of slot machine. The procedure of the game is quite simple. You deposit some tokens into the machine to start the game and click on ‘deal’. The set of cards appears on the screen. You take decisions regarding replacing the two cards with the next ones available on the deck in order to create a high value hand. If the combination of the card matches with the one set for payout by the casino, you win the bet.

Simple tips to stay for longer in this slot game

As a player, your aim, naturally, is to win lot of money. Making your kitty bigger gives you better reasons to play. This is how you achieve it:

  1. Place realistic bets: You cannot hit the jackpot all the time. And, you must understand that there is house advantage factor too. So, place small and realistic bets to start with and keep collecting payouts for gaining more confidence.
  2. Avoid over-excitement: Getting smaller payouts won should not be considered as premonition for a big booty to follow. So, it is of no use getting over excited and play mindlessly. You simply will lose more than you gain.
  3. Learn from others: You may find other people who have better experience of playing this game at casinos. So, tips coming from them will be sort of tried and tested type. Do make it a point to join community where seasoned players interact with each other.
  4. Play in a balanced way: This you can achieve by not getting sloshed while playing. You need to make correct decisions and concentrate on cards too. It does require you remaining sober while playing. In short, no alcohol, please, while playing!

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