Is Artificial Intelligence Going to Change the Gaming Industry?



Artificial intelligence (AI) has been talked about for decades. Described simply as intelligence in computers, AI has been predicted to lead us towards a workforce filled with robots to driverless cars and planes. But as the tech genre continues to grow, its reach will creep over to other lower-profile industries, such as gaming.

AI has correctly predicted Super Bowl winners, presidential primaries, award shows and other events. It is only natural for betting and gambling to get into the mix, right? As AI keeps developing, so will the technology used in gaming.

Here are three ways that artificial intelligence will change the gaming industry forever.

Smarter Betting


UNU is kind of like stream betting or swarming. It’s a scientific way of finding the best answer from a cluster of answers from regular human beings. Instead of one person attempting to predict the outcome, there is a group that’s polled and asked questions. While the best answer isn’t used, the most scientific one is predicted.

This is one way that AI is making its way into sports betting. Again–winners of Super Bowls and now the Kentucky Derby have been correctly selected by UNU and this is highly likely to happen again. Instead of trying to predict the outcome based on injuries, past precedence or just a “gut” feeling, UNU gives you the comfort of knowing that science is in charge or at the very least, a really smart computer.

Online Gambling

While winning at gambling is often equated with dumb luck, the truth is that serious players do their research. AI is making that strategizing a little easier through the ride of bots.

The use of bots in online gambling spaces has altered the way some players approach and play the game. These bots have gotten so smart that they are able to simulate millions of scenarios prior to the game starting. These bots are forcing online card players to tighten their games up but they’ve also created competitive leagues between the schools and people who create them.

Smart Poker


Bots come back into play here but this time in a different way. As mentioned earlier, poker bots are able to run varied simulations — sometimes millions of them — to find a path to victory. The same is true for bot-run poker players. Already AI bots have been shown to beat the world’s best poker players, and AI poker in the casinos keeps growing, casinos will likely use them more to their advantage.

This may even extend to other popular games. Instead of standard dealers, a computer with advanced AI may replace regular blackjack dealers or table game dealers, for example.

Each way shown gives a peek into how AI will eventually change how we view gaming and it will change how gaming is consumed as well. The rise in AI in the online gambling space will change how games are both developed and played. But who will win out, the players or the house? It’s too soon to know but with how quickly AI is developing, we could see the results in the next few years.