Is live betting better than regular betting?


By now, we probably all know what live betting is. It is a form of betting where instead of placing your bet before the event, you actually place them during the event and while it’s taking place. This is a new territory for gamblers and players, meaning that you have many more ways to approach and look at this. But is it better than regular betting or is it the other way around. We compared some blogs from sources like Lazybuguru and the real-world testimonials of players in order to find out.

Live betting offers more information

Before the game/match/event, you can only interpret the information that’s available and make your own assumptions. During the game, you get a much better feeling on what’s going on. Maybe you see that the favourite team is very sluggish during the warmups or whether an important player just went down with an injury.

Live betting is always more unique because the bettors have more information at their disposal, hence they can pick a more unique strategy to approach things.

You’re right and wrong in bigger ways

When an opportunity to place a bet arises, you don’t have too much time to go into detail and analyze it. This is why you must make a split-second or very quick decision and place a bet. In both outcomes, you’re either right or wrong big and there is actually no middle-ground. If you are an expert or very knowledgeable in the sport, this form of betting allows you to find more niches and opportunities to place winning bets. Speaking about that…

Much more unique events to bet on

In the live betting spectrum, you have much more unique events to choose from. Let’s say that you’re comparing pre-game and live betting for basketball. There are only game totals and the outright outcome available for staking pre-game. However, in the live bets, you can choose the individual point totals, spreads for each stretch of the game, or even the fact who scores the next basket, etc.

Harder to compare and less time to think

But with more unique events on your hand, you rarely have more time than 10 seconds to make your mind up and place a bet. Such circumstances make it harder to sustain a winning strategy but really knowledgeable bettors can, in fact, find ways to be profitable down the line. But if you’re just in it for the numbers and aren’t really to great with the eye-test, it’s rarely a good idea to take on live betting.


So, live betting offers more opportunities, but it’s also much more challenging to be successful at. This is why you might consider alternative activities to sports betting altogether. Have a look at to know more about how you can spend your free time!

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