Is the Popularity of Online Slots Gaming Causing Poker to Change?


The world of slots may have gone from strength to strength as part of a wave that has seen iGaming options truly capitalize upon the fact that more gamers are moving towards quick gaming options on their smartphones. However, the question remains as to whether or not the popularity of slot gaming in particular has inspired radical change in other iGaming options. 

Inspired or Modernizing?

In 2016, The Guardian newspaper in the UK predicted that the big change with the world of mobile gaming might revolve around the idea of being able to project mobile games onto big screen TVs to transform them into a rival for console gaming. Clearly a great deal of thought has been put into this concept, but the reality is that the way people enjoy gaming on smartphones isn’t through long-term, deeply involved gaming experiences, but actually through short, sharp bursts during the day. As a result, the Guardian’s prediction hasn’t really come to pass, at least so far.

Instead of this, in response to gamers’ habits changing, we are seeing more and more games that are quick play options come onto the market, helping to capitalize upon a time-poor, cash-rich scenario in modern day society which has not only profited the world of slot gaming but has seen the freemium model thrive beyond all expectations (with companies like EA bringing their biggest titles like The Sims into this world of gaming as a result).

Doodle Jump by Johan Larsson (CC BY 2.0)

Perhaps, though, the most intriguing element of this quick play revolution has been the rise of new versions of old iGaming classics like poker, which have looked to keep true to their original format while being rejuvenated through new, quicker to play versions that show they are prepared to react to the modern gaming environment. 

Poker isn’t the only game that has jumped on this trend of modernization. Perhaps the most successful game at doing this has been bingo, which has seen a resurgence in popularity by modernizing itself for the age of the internet, with the Las Vegas Sun recently including bingo in an article about the popularity of social games that we can quickly play on our smartphones. Bingo players have made intelligent use of the social interaction this is such a huge part of the mobile gaming world to become relevant again.

A New Type of Poker Face?

Bingo is one thing, but it is the world of poker which is starting to push a huge range of new games that move away from the more traditional versions like Texas Hold ‘Em or 5 Card Stud, with games like SNAP poker from 888poker offering a quicker and easier way to play poker on the go (with no more waiting around, and cards dealt the instant gamers fold). These formats help to engage with an audience who might otherwise not want to play more drawn out games of poker.

“Poker Face” by  (CC BY 2.0)

While of course online poker sites are also looking at the likes of virtual reality poker and trying to make the gaming experience as deeply interactive as possible, companies are truly having to be innovative to make sure that they aren’t left behind in a world where slot games have discovered the real way gamblers and gamers enjoy playing. 

Whatever the end result in the way that games like poker and bingo continue to evolve, one thing that seems certain is that gamers will be the real winners as companies look to continue to find fun ways to help them engage with their favorite games. 

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