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Have more chances of winning here at 3King Online Casino Singapore. Obtain bonuses as soon as you sign up and register.

Easy to acquire


The moment you sign up with 3King Casino Singapore, you are already entitled to certain promotions. Subscribing to a VIP program allows you additional bonuses which regular members do not have like having an upgraded cash rebate percentage and other VIP exclusive promotions.

By depositing money to your account, you are automatically enrolled to 3King’s special promotions. Raffles with huge prizes are in store and you need to deposit money to join. Your first deposit also earns you a bonus as high as 110% of the value. You haven’t even started betting but you’re already winning.

3King also gives a safeguard when your deposit is getting extremely low. With the Rescue Fund, you can still recover some of the funds you lost and play a game again.

Each game has its bonus

3King Online Casino has multiple live casino games, sports and e-sports bettings, and slots but the best of all is that each game has their gift. The bonus and promotion for each game vary from cash higher payouts. Players in Live Casino are often given good credit bonuses, and the longer they play, the higher it becomes. On sports bettings, enjoy a .5%  cash back on your credit and to make it better, the cash return is unlimited so go ahead and bet big. Slots even give a higher cashback, a whopping 5% on returnable money for a single turnover.

New events and promotions

3King Casino Singapore always innovates and change the playing field by continually adding new types of promotion that will help the player get motivated and have fun when playing. 3King ensures the best quality service with its players in mind. To keep that mantra, 3King always gives special attention to promotions that would give more credits to its players. With the increase of new players, 3King will surely provide more ways to keep everyone happy and provide loans.

Huge Rewards

3King Casino Singapore never forgets its players, that is why the promotions are all focused on generously giving credit. Staying long as a player with 3King and getting a platinum tier membership will undoubtedly earn you bonuses and rewards that no other online gambling platform can provide. But 3King Singapore already gives enormous advantages to new players and members through its promotions making the matches fair and exciting.



3King Online Casino knows no bounds when it comes to being generous to its players and members. By doling out credit to new and veteran members, no wonder the number of players keeps steadily increasing.

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