JUDI POKER ONLINE: Strategies It’s All About Position


A poker game is a game that you must play with your brain; This is not called the “thinking men game” for free! The player must constantly make decisions and use what is called “situational thinking.” This type of thinking consists of logic, sensitivity and even little meaning.

Some players are natural, others are not, but poker is a great equalizer, and anyone can learn to play: young, old, thin, fat, black, white, men, women, physically or physically fit, there are even blind female poker. and a blackjack player who plays in World Cup tournaments. The game makes no difference as long as you have an entrance fee, and anyone can participate in tournaments, just take the price of the entrance fee.

Why was poker invented? a game in its purest form

Poker was invented to play for money, and this is a game in its purest form, therefore, studying the fundamental strategies of poker and its application are vital to success. Do it from the word “go”, and your game can only improve. This means that you must be in the correct position, raise the pre-flop and play poker after the flop. As with real estate, where location is everything, position is everything when you play poker.

Position means on which side of the button you are sitting, and the reason why this is so important is that you find it easier to make decisions when you already have information. The necessary information is received from opponents who play out of position. They are forced to make decisions before you, and this is how they collect your data. One of the most important fundamental strategies for playing poker is to let your opponent steal your blinds, but not your position. A JUDI POKER ONLINE player always earns the most money when he is on the button; What we all use on the button is a statement we all use, and it comes from a valid source.


Preflop poker must be tough / aggressive, and in a narrow game you need the right starting hands, while aggressive poker needs active bets and raises. We don’t want to spend money and fight at the table. A nearby aggressive game means playing with the best hands, and it is also a good fund management tool, so there is much more than an advantage in a difficult aggressive game.

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