Learn How to Play UK 49 Lottery Online From Home


Did you know that you can play UK 49 lottery twice a day, seven days a week? That too while sitting on the couch in the comfort of your home. So, how do UK 49 operators make it possible? Well, they bring their lottery online. All you need to do is log into their website and pick the lucky draw that you want to play and in the next few seconds, you will have your very own ticket sent to your secure email.

There are many reliable partners and online vendors that sell UK 49 tickets online. The first draw takes place at 12:49 noon and the second one is held close to 6PM local time. The best thing about playing the UK 49 lottery from home is that you can watch the UK lunchtime latest results and the results for UK 49s team time on the lottery operators website.

So how the game is played online?

There are six balls available for each user to select from a series of 49 balls. The numbers that you select may depend on your own choice or can be randomly generated by the machine. Your ticket will be drawn at noon or during the evening on a particular date. All details will be mentioned on your lottery ticket. To register with an online vendor you may need to provide some personal information including name, address, and contact number. Once registered, the vendor will allow you to select your desired numbers and the date of your draw. As soon as the lottery winners are announced, your online lottery messenger will send you a text message and an email about the winning numbers. If the winning numbers match the numbers on your ticket, you can claim your prize by contacting the UK49.

How results are announced?

All the online websites for UK 49 lottery announce results as soon as they are drawn from the ballet. They keep a track record of past winnings as well so that people can view the trend of the lottery. There are some dedicated statistics websites for UK 49 as well. What these websites do is essentially provide different ways of viewing the past results. Users can see which numbers are considered hot and which numbers are considered as cold in a lottery. The hot numbers are the ones that appear more in the draws while cold numbers are the ones that do not appear often. Some of the other trends that these websites depict include most common pairs, triplets, and quadruplets. It all boils down to how well you can use the online UK 49 lottery resources to make the best bets on your lottery.

Odds of winning a UK 49 lottery

Did you know that you can place your bets on UK 49 using the online bookies? Not only that, there are websites available that can tell you about the odds of picking 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers for your bet. Since the UK 49 lottery is a world-famous lottery, the odds of winning a bet on all 5 numbers are usually 1 in 150,000. As you place your bet on fewer numbers the chances of winning the bet increase as well. However, the cash amount will reduce accordingly. The best part of online lotteries is that the number of users increases exponentially and there are no geographic limitations on who can take part in the lottery. Due to this very reason, UK 49 lottery operators give out around £ 1million in jackpot prize every week. With such a high amount at stake, people are always looking for ways about how they can win lottery online. Fortunately, we have a few useful tips that you can use to increase your chances of winning a UK 49 lottery.

Quick tips on increasing your odds of winning

Although there is no evidence available that suggests that lottery prediction is possible, people have explored different ways to increase their chances of winning big prizes in a lottery. Some of these include:

1.      ‘Bet’ rather than ‘play’ in a lottery game

It is important to understand that there is a difference between betting and playing a lottery. When you ‘play’ a lottery game you are counting on matching your select set of numbers with the lucky draw. ‘Betting’, on the other hand, does not depend on the outcome of the event, rather, it depends on what people think will be the outcome. If you place a bet that number 9 will appear on the winning draw, and 100 other people bet that it will not. You have a chance of winning 100 times your original amount based on how other people place their bets. Hence, you have a higher chance of winning than you have a chance of winning the jackpot prize.

2.      Buy tickets in groups

Rather than buying your own ticket, why don’t you buy the tickets for everyone at home or at your office? Just collect their individual amounts and form what they call in lottery game a ‘syndicate’. These syndicates buy a number of tickets to increase their chances of winning. The best part of the syndicate is that if any member wins the prize, they have to distribute the bounty amongst the members. You can form syndicates with people from any part of the world thanks to online bookies. Just purchase your ticket and your bookies will notify you when the results are drawn and how much have you won.

3.      Choose numbers that are hot

Rather than choosing numbers at random, you can choose numbers that have been marked as hot by the vendors. Since these numbers appear more frequently in the draw, they can be considered better than the ones that appear very rarely.

UK 49 lottery is one of the best lotteries in the world to enjoy from home. Next time if you have some leisure time at home then go online and buy your ticket to UK 49 lottery and enjoy a cup of tea or a nice lunch while trying your luck for winning a million-dollar prize!

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