Learn the variants of card games to broaden your spectrum of skills.


For many years, the card game has been used as an entertainment tool on different occasions. Its versatility is what makes it more exciting and enjoyable. You can play it with friends or kids. Each card game has its own rules and moves that differentiate it from the other. Understanding various card games like Texas Holdem can help you master your skills.

The following are card games that you can play on GetMega:


This is the most familiar card game. Poker games have been used in places like casinos to entertain customers. There are different ways that you can use to play poker. You can play it in the form of betting, or you can use points to rank players. Either way, the poker game is a skill game that requires the players to be very keen on the cards that are being discarded. The scoring card can be two pairs, flush, straight hand, or three of a kind. 

Texas Holdem.

Texas Holdem is also a very famous variation of a card game. The game name originated from the aviation club in Paris. It involves four-hole cards that the player deals out. Another five community cards are assigned to each player at every stage. After and before a flop, a card is discarded. GetMega App is one of the most trusted and finest platforms to play Texas Holdem.


This game is supposed to be wholly based on chance, but it involves a lot of players’ tactical skills. The score of the game is striking 21 and getting a blackjack. Winning will be determined by how well you track the discarded cards. Each player is dealt two cards and must request the dealer to Hit to reach a total of 21 or fewer. The decision of asking for another card is the pick of the game because it means it can change your game. Blackjack is played in most casinos, and it offers the best gambling game. 


Solitaire is a great game to play alone or with a friend. This game needs the player to be very keen and use skills and tactics. A little luck is required because the face of the next card is unknown. The goal of the game is to sort shuffled cards and arrange them into their respective suits. The arrangement should be in decreasing order from the king down to ace. The winner of solitaire is the one who manages to complete sorting first.


This game is different from other card games because to win the game, you must have the least points. The game involves four players. The game starts by shuffling the cards and distributing them to the four players. All the heart cards have one point, while the queen of spades has 13 points. The players compete by placing their cards on the table, and the one who puts the card with the highest point wins the game.

Crazy eight.

This game is played on a fun basis because the rules are simple. Families and friends play crazy eight as a form of entertainment. Crazy eight gives the player a chance to change the game into a simple one that matches your ability. The players shuffle the cards and distribute them to the players. The player tries to match the discarded cards by suits or numbers. The number eight card is a special card that the player uses to change the playing cards. The one who finishes the card first wins the game.


The card games such as Texas Holdem are exciting games to play on GetMega. It not only entertains but also makes your mind sharp. The great thing about the card game is that you do not have to acquire a new deck; instead, one single deck can play all the variants.

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