Learning to Play Slots Like a Professional


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The modern casino industry has become one of the most popular pastimes in the world, with millions every day either logging into their favourite online casino or heading out to hit the machines at their local land-based casino.

Statistics estimate that over 60% of casino visitors spend their time at a slot machine, meaning that is by far the most played game of them all.

Between all these millions of players, there are only a handful that ever win substantial amounts of money. Those that do win sometimes are forced to take small chunks every month as opposed to the entire sum, which is often left to the policy of that specific casino.

Playing slots means accepting that there is the risk that you will lose money, and the very small chance that you could win it all and so much more. The chance exists, but it’s incredibly small.

On the flip side of the coin, there are people out there who play slots on a professional level. These are men and women who devote their lives to winning big at the machines, and for the most part, they often do.

It may seem counter-intuitive that winning slots is almost impossibly rare while some people make a career out of it, but there are some reasons why. These are how professionals play real slots NZ.

Starting with Capital

Slots, on the surface, is an inexpensive pastime for many, and while you often don’t see a return on what you invested in a machine after a day at the casino, often enough you can sometimes when back at least the amount you put in. Professionals, on the other hand, play it differently.

They will start playing with thousands at any given time, putting as much of their own capital into the machines so that when they do eventually win, they make it back tenfold.

Note that this is thousands at any given day, and they will sometimes invest millions over the course of a month’s session before seeing returns.

They Stick with One Set of Machines

While at the casino, we often get bored of our machine, and wander around until a different one catches our eye. The pros are the opposite; they find one machine, sometimes a set of linked machines, and play until they win.

They usually aim of a progressive jackpot and will not change their machines for weeks at a time. This is often because they do research, and because they have some insider help on which machines are the best to play at.

It’s A Career

Another thing that pros have is time, in abundance. This is their career; it’s what they do for a profession.

This means that while most people are at the office for eight hours a day, the professionals are at the casino during those eight hours. Enough time and capital and you will eventually see big results, which is how they make it big.

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