Lottery Myths Debunked


Winning the lottery would be the sure-shot way of having a settled life. But when it comes to winning it in real life, the chances are reduced and no one can beat the odds of the lottery. Also, there are so many misconceptions or myths when it comes to the lottery that they often confuse you further. Thus, here are some myths regarding “Thai Rath” lottery (หวยไทยรัฐ, which is the term in Thai) which should be debunked as soon as possible.

Choosing Better Numbers by Looking at Past Results:

This is one of the most common myths that you would find a lot of people following. In the lottery, every single draw that is done is considered to be independent.

This means whatever draws have been done it would not affect the way the next draw would be done. Most players do the opposite by picking the card number doing a frequency of the numbers drawn the last 100 times. This would never work if you are trying to win the lottery.

Picking Hot Numbers Increases your Chances:

If you think that playing with the most common lottery number would help you win, then it is not true. In probability, every lottery card has the same chance of being drawn. But if you want you could work it out mathematically and not go for the results of the last 100 draws.

The Number 13 is Unlucky:

There is no lucky or unlucky number in the lottery. All numbers would be having the same probability of winning. The only way you would be able to increase your chances would be from the probability standpoint.

Birthdates and Anniversary Dates are Poor Numbers:

Some experts would tell you to avoid them. There is a probability of someone using the same number as yours and that would be high resulting in if you win would be sharing the prices. Pick the numbers which would be based on the pattern of your local “Thai Rath” lottery system.

Selecting Number Using Aesthetic Pattern:

The lottery is a game of random numbers. Therefore, whether you would be winning or not could often be a question that does not have any simple answer. Putting effort in your number selection would help you a great deal in increasing your chances of winning rather than going for the aesthetic pattern.

Thus, these are some of the myths regarding the lottery that you should debunk as soon as possible.

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