Lotus Domino: Application Assimilation – A Developer View


There are two strategies for application integration:

o Designer’s approach – for applications integration it is necessary to produce some program codes;

o Integrator’s plan – in this instance, select software products are to be utilized as well as the assimilation process established by those software application setups.

The complying with devices may be used for the very first strategy:

o ODBC. In Lotus Domino codes may be made use of:

o Three inside LotusScript Data Objects (LS: DO), which sustain the connection process, running of SQL-request as well as give operations DominoQQwith obtained outcome table. This device is more versatile than the usage of described above @- functions (specifically, purchases mechanism, errors taking care of, etc.);.

o Free NotesSQL ® ODBC-driver enables calling Lotus Domino databases by SQL. This method is available only for basic Lotus Domino databases, as they are not connection databases, and SQL is bad to work with (issues with several fields values and different fields embedded in records);.

o JDBC. For direct use JDBC device, complimentary IBM JDBC-driver may be downloaded, which enables calling Lotus Domino databases from Java-applications. This approach is better then useNotesSQL ® ODBC-driver, but can not be used with complex databases. JDBC innovation additionally using in some integration mechanisms, but JDBC itself is concealed from the designer( as for an example, making use of integrating with JSP Personalized Tag Libraries);.

o OLE. Use this modern technology is in the Microsoft platform structure. If this constraint is acceptable for a task, after that, use this modern technology enables data exchanging from LotusScript to OLE-applications. Especially, it is possible to export data from Lotus Domino to MS Excel or MS Word. This technology usually is making use of to produce reports for Lotus Domino data. In Lotus Domino exists Notes/FX mechanism, which implicitly makes use of OLE- innovations. This system allows processing automatic data exchangeDominoQQ between areas of Lotus Domino kinds as well as information stated on OLE-server. Lately, Notes/FX are used in true applications on and off.

o XML. Use this modern technology in Lotus Domino R 6 enables processing of Lotus Domino things’ stream transformation (papers, design components, ACL, and so on) right into XML and also back, use in a stream XSLT to XML, put filters on translated/received details, as well as evaluation XML by construct in LotusScript-classes, refined DOM as well as SAX parsing;

  • If an HTTP task is started on Domino server, after that from external applications is available, sending/receiving information by of the same name method.
  • This innovation made use of in Lotus Domino more in DominoQQ Java material. Applets, servlets, Domino JSP Custom Tag Libraries, using this modern technology, may exchange information with Lotus Domino.

Apart from in combination options line are DECS (Domino Business Connection Services), DCR (Data Connection Resources), and also BOUQUET (IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator for Domino) technologies.

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